Episode 184: Think Your Way to Success


Am I crazy? Some people say it…. But they don’t know what I know.

Our minds are the most powerful things we have and, in this episode, I share with you how I use it to get all I want in life and business.

And so can you!

A few highlights of what you will hear in this episode include:
– Amazing update on the THINK film crowdfunding campaign!
– Why people have said I am crazy
– Should you tell people where you want to go?
– How to attract the right people into your life and business
– What I do if I feel like I may get sick to never get sick
– My warrior chant
– How I came up with Arctic Stick
– How an idea in my head came to reality!
– Why I get on people sometimes
– Things I visualized and manifested into reality
– What is the Law of Attraction?
– Does this stuff work for college students too?

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I never get sick. I don’t focus my energy on that.”
  • “Whatever you tell yourself you can do, you can do.”
  • “I will not accept defeat. I will not accept failure.”
  • “The biggest gift we have is life and the opportunity to think for ourselves.”
  • “You have already won the lottery.”
  • “Our mind is the most powerful thing that we have.”
  • “Some people figure it out. Some people make an excuse about why they didn’t get it.”
  • “The mind is powerful.”
  • “Think. Think strong. Use your mind to get anything you want in life.”

Show Mentions

Take Action!

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