3 Marketing Platforms That Will Change Your Life

Marketing is everywhere.

There’s advertisements on t-shirts, hats, flyers, busses, benches, cars, literally anything that you can think of you can put an advertisement on it. Even in an industry like cannabis, the idea of using cannabis marketing plans to try and draw in customers, build your brand, and ultimately run a successful cannabis business is very apparent. So regardless of the industry you find yourself in, marketing is pretty much necessary.

You come across different forms of marketing every day, right in front of our eyes and it’s easy to buy into because marketers make it prone to your daily lives. Sometimes we experience direct marketing tactics like email or sms marketing, and then there are other times when we see ads so often in our everyday lives that sometimes we don’t even realize its actual marketing.

There are thousands of way to market businesses, whether they are the old fashion brick and mortar stores or an online ecommerce store that has been optimised using sales funnels or clickfunnels. I have been marketing for years since first launching my product, Arctic Stick, to promoting my TV Show to millions of people.

Throughout my years of experiences, my failures and successes, I have found out what tactics have really worked and what don’t. I see entrepreneurs and business owners make mistakes with their marketing plan on a daily basis, which costs them time and money.

I want to go through my 3 marketing platforms that have allowed me to be seen in front of millions of people and have generated me thousands of dollars.

TV Shows

At the end of the day, if no one knows who you or your brand is they aren’t going to buy from you. Point blank. Individuals don’t trust businesses that have never been heard of or are under name brand companies, which is why big companies such as Nike and Adidas win most of the fitness customers. I have gotten myself on TV across the nation talking about my expertise which is crowdfunding. Once people see me on TV they immediately see me as an influencer and suddenly when they think of crowdfunding they think of me. This creates a celebrity status in the consumer’s eyes because they see you, your brand, and knowledge shown on national TV. If they ever need a crowdfunding service, they are going to think of me right away.


I have been on hundreds of podcast shows, sharing my journey with other people and talking about recent projects that I have been working on. When you appear as guests on different podcast shows that allows you to tell others about what you are working on. People don’t like to just see the successes, they want to hear the story of what all that went into creating a company. The success, failures, road bumps that people had to get to in order to get to where they are at right now. Appearing on podcasts and creating your own is the perfect platform to use in order to show your audience that side of yourself and company. Individuals don’t have to pay to listen to a podcast and once they become a regular listener they will follow you on what projects you are working on and potentially will buy from you.


The amount of successes that I have seen after creating videos is ridiculous. If you haven’t heard it enough by now, if you are not creating video for your business or brand you are leaving out huge opportunities for new customers and clients. Video is hot, it makes it so easy for a customer to watch a video about what you are promoting without having to read words. If you want to make your very own video content to help your business get ahead of the competition, you might want to take a look at this video ad maker from Promo.com. Facebook lives have landed me so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have even imagined. I got the opportunity to be in the film, THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich, because one of the producers saw me doing a Facebook live about how passionate I was about that book. After that, I added value and became the VP of Business Development for the docudrama.

Everything that occurred from me being seen by thousands of people to being able to get opportunities that I would have never dreamed of, occurred because of these tactics I used to market myself.

All it takes is time, consistency, and dedication with these platforms in order for you to see success in your brand in business.


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