4 Ways to Stay Consistent

There are many people who start a project, work on it really hard, and then give up a couple days later because they lack the skill of consistency. Staying on task and focusing on specific projects can be tough especially when you are handling numerous at one time. When you are trying to build up your brand and hit an influencer status staying consistent is a must. We all have hopes and dreams to accomplish big things in life but in order to do so we need to realize how consistent we really have to be.

If one wants to become a professional basketball player they need to practice on a daily basis. I bet the basketball legends we see today didn’t get to where they are at now by practicing when they felt like it. People have designated schedules where they take time out of their day specifically for working on that area. If you want to gain more of a following on Instagram you need to be consistent on your posts and make sure that you post on a daily basis. Many people slip out of that routine because they get caught up with other stuff and don’t realize they need to be consistent with what they are doing.

These are four tactics I use in my life that allows me to work more efficiently and stay consistent in the content that I put out.


  1. A Routine

Every morning I wake up at a designated time, have goals that I want to achieve for the day, and stick to what I have scheduled. That allows me to stay focused without getting sidetracked by other things that may be getting thrown my way. I have podcast shows that air every Tuesday and Thursday each week which allows me to stay consistent on my content. My audience knows that I air shows on those two vary days so sticking to that is a must. Having a scheduled routine allows yourself to show your followers that you have consistency and dedication to your work. This also helps you meet your set deadlines on the goals that you are striving for.


  1. Build Momentum

I have gained my rights to be seen as an influencer because I have been consistent on the work that I have done over the past 5 years. When you grind non stop you eventually build a momentum that you don’t want to lose. You work constantly and then sometimes there’s those days that you could take off, but you have to think about how that can mess with your momentum. Take days off for vacation to recuperate to get back to work but don’t just take days off for the hell of it because the moment you do you get off track and lose the momentum that you had. I do something everyday that keeps me consistent on my end goal. Whether it is as small as checking and replying to emails or big tasks as in creating videos and new content. Build up a consistent momentum, and this will also keep you passionate and motivated about what you are working on.


  1. Be Committed

Tell yourself out loud that you will stay consistent on your work so you can achieve the big goal that you have. I do a warrior chant every morning to pump myself up for the day, to grind non stop in order to see the success I dream of. If you can’t commit on being consistent in the first place you probably won’t be able to reach your goal, acknowledge that you need to commit on being consistent and this will allow your subconscious mind to act on the thoughts that are in your head. Consistency is commitment. If you commit you will be consistent on your work and you will start seeing results. Join a mastermind or collaborate with a group of people which will help you stay on track and hold you accountable for your work.


  1. Tell The World

If you tell the world that you are going to stay committed on your goal, people will see that which hold you accountable for your actions. Because if you tell the world your goal you have to fulfill it and it will push you until you reach your end point. Successful people create excitement for what they are working on which helps them work on a daily basis and allows other people to chyme into the journey. I put this to the test and it actually pushed and motivated me to meet all the hype that I put out there on my goal. Soon the consistency turns into a habit and you will see results faster than ever on each project that you take on.




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