5 Helpful Strategies For Creating Consistent Content

Creating consistent content can get tough, especially when you’re feeling uninspired. Most people have a hard time coming up with new information to cover every week, and this is why a lot of them don’t stick with it.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to feel inspired ALL of the time, so you need to start thinking about your content and different ways that you can come up with new ideas.

Consistency is key, so you want to make sure you’re showing up in front of your audience and providing them with tons of value. So, what will give you the fuel to keep moving forward with your blog, podcast, live videos, and more? Before we get into answering that question, remember, it may also be worthwhile to hire professional companies such as the likes of iTonic to handle your marketing requirements so you can focus on more important things.

Here are 5 strategies you can start using when you’re feeling a little stumped on what to talk about.

#1 Ask Your Audience

Pay close attention to what your audience needs and what kind of questions they are asking. You can scroll through your social media platforms to find inspiration for new content, and the best part is that it’s tailor-made for your audience.

If you come up with a topic to discuss but are unsure if it’s something your listeners want to hear, ask them. It doesn’t hurt to get opinions from those that you’re trying to reach and build relationships with. This shows them that you care and truly want to help them.

#2 Share Stories

Take some time to brainstorm any stories of yours that you might be able to transform into some great content. Sharing your own personal stories – success and struggles – will not only make you relatable, but it will give you so much more to talk about.

We each have our own individual experiences and takeaways from life, and we can all learn from what others have gone through. You can choose a topic you want to cover while adding your own twist from how it’s affected you or your business.

#3 Revisit Your Content

When it comes to your content, there’s always a way to repurpose it. Whether that means taking one of your podcast episodes and shifting it into a blog post, or taking a few of your live videos and turning them into a course – the possibilities are pretty endless.

But, what’s just as beneficial is revisiting your past content. Over time, strategies change, new tools come along, and you might come across new ideas that you choose over old ones. This is why it makes sense to revisit old content and see if there’s any way that you can put a new spin on things or approach them in a new way.

#4 Create A Series

If there’s a lot of information to cover in a topic that you want to discuss with your audience, it might be best to break it up a bit. Creating a series is a really engaging way to keep your audience coming back for more while holding onto their interest.

Giving too much information at once can be overwhelming and hard to digest, but something broken down can be fun to follow along with.

Whether it’s your blog, podcast, or live videos, try breaking content up into segments. Let your audience know when and where they can tune in to find the next piece of your series.

#5 Share Quick Tips

Since we covered creating a series for lengthy content, let’s also talk about the value in sharing quick tips. For starters, most people enjoy something that’s on the shorter side since it’s not taking up too much of their own time.

As long as you’re providing value, it’s more than beneficial for you to share content that’s simple and straightforward. This could be a few quick tips, a short and inspiring story, or a snippet of information for them to stay tuned for what’s to come.

There are so many different ways to create content for your brand or business. Try new strategies and get a feel for what works best for you personally.

Let the needs and support of your audience help inspire you to continue creating awesome content!


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