5 Things You MUST Do To Get On T.V. [HINT: I did this last week to get on a morning show in under 72 hours]

If you’ve been following me on Facebook recently, you know that last week we premiered my T.V. show Ambitious Adventures…

It was a hit! [That’s me on the right with Greg Rollett on the red carpet.]
greg and bta red carpet
Part of the success was due to added publicity.

We can all use more of that!

The influencer entrepreneurs in my private mastermind accelerator group (Influencer Accelerator Elite) asked me, “How did you do it!? Tell us in detail!” — so they could replicate the results.
So, I shot a couple of Facebook Live videos inside of the private group we have. Everyone loved them and said what I taught was really valuable.
But…I didn’t want to stop there.
I wanted to share with more people. With you!
Thus, this quick article.
[Plus, you can download the exact email I used last week to get on a T.V. morning show here in Orlando, Florida last week by clicking here].
It was a ‘cold’ email!
And you can view the actual T.V. segment below!

Now, I want to teach you how…
To respect your limited time, here are 5 key takeaways to help you get on T.V. and grab up all the benefits that come with that like:
– more credibility
– awesome footage to add to a sizzle reel or intro video
– more visibility
– charge higher prices (that’s what niche celebrities do!)
– stop haggling your prices and work with who you want
– get invited onto more shows (it can snowball once you get some traction!)
– be seen as an influencer by other influencers (and be ‘in the club’)
Okay…here they are!…

#5: Have high energy

This applies to when you are on the phone, writing emails, or even on the show itself.
If you are at a “9 energy level” on camera, it comes off like a 6 or 7 to the viewer.
[Read: boring]
That just happens.
So, you need to amp it up to like a 12 so that you come off like a 9 or 10 and really keep everyone’s attention!
It may feel a bit odd, but it’s something that I learned from a “How to Kick Butt on TV” course and implemented it myself on news stations across the country.
It works.
Then, keep this in mind even in your email writing and speaking on the phone when pitching….Let your energy shine through.
T.V. producers want people who will be vibrant on screen.

#4: Prepare a quick, clear structure

I like to prep 3 bulleted ‘talking points’ for any segment that I will be on and even share these with the person I’m pitching, so they can ‘see’ the vision and feel that it’s not a lot of work on their end.
I’ve already thought it through!
Plus, that reduces nerves amazingly well because you KNOW what you are going to talk about.
Any question that comes up…just redirect it back to your talking points and you are golden.
Examples could be:
– “3 Lessons Learned by Interviewing Local Entrepreneurs Around the U.S.”
– “The Top 3 Stock Picks for 2017”
– “3 Twitter Trends You Need to Jump On This Spring”

#3: Name drop for credibility

Try not to be douchy about it, but the fact of the matter is that people listen more to those who seem like they are listened to by others.
Especially by others who already have credibility themselves.
For example, as you can see on the exact email I sent to new stations last week, I referenced that we interviewed:
– Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul)
– Jake Paul (who has billions of video views)
– Lewis Howes (a podcasting super celebrity)
greg rollett, lewis howes, brandon t. adams at the school of greatness in LA
You may not have such ‘big names’ but don’t let that discourage you.
Reference clients you have consulted for, or other news outlets who have featured you, or associations you belong to so that their credibility will rub off on you during the pitch.
Still have nothing for this category? Add it to your goals for this month.

#2: Tie into “local”

There’s a growing trend to support all things local. Plus, if you are pitching a local news outlet, their audience wants to hear about things happening around them in their area.
So if you have ties to the community, work that into the pitch!
For me, I interviewed 3 local business owners in the Winter Park area of Orlando, Florida, so I was sure to mention them by name in the pitch email.

Then, we referenced them on camera too, of course!

We wanted to support the local community and local entrepreneurs.

The news station wants that too [which is what really matters!]. 
So find a way to shout out local businesses and organizations to help get yourself on air.

#1: Be entertaining and educational…but if you have to pick one, be entertaining

What are T.V. news shows for?
True, true…the news is supposed to educate and inform, but these days all our attention spans are as long as a goldfish’s, so if we don’t present things in an interesting way, people will change the channel!
So, make sure you are entertaining above all else.
AA BTA and G-Ro laughing on camera at 4 Rivers brandon t. adams greg rollett
This ties into having high energy, but goes a step further.
Sit down and think of all the fun facts or interesting quick stories that YOU would want to hear if you knew nothing about your T.V. segment’s topic.
Jot down little phrases to jog your memory, and make sure you share these in a high-energy, big smile, enthusiastic way. 
Passion and enthusiasm is infectious, so make sure you are entertaining in how you share yourself and your business through your news story.


Awesome…if you are still reading this, I can tell that you have a real passion for your business and want to make an impact by sharing with more people.
I support that whole-heartedly!
You are awesome!
I have some big goals too. I want to impact 1 billion people by the time I am 40 years old…and I cannot get there without leveraging exposure through outlets that have distribution and attention.
Same goes for you.
Getting more publicity and being seen as an influencer is the only way to really leverage your efforts and make more gains in less time. 
Plus, it expands your oh-so-important network while you’re at it!
Apply these 5 tips above and share with me the results!

Want more? {free}

1. Download the exact cold email I wrote to get on a local T.V. morning show in Orlando to get on air in under 72 hours.

2. Watch a replay of a great webinar I recorded to help grinding entrepreneurs Attract High-Paying Clients [Like a Magnet] but STOP Haggling Price And Dealing With Pain in the Ass Clients.


To insight, income, impact, & influence…
Brandon T. Adams
(a.k.a. BTA)
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