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"Whether you like it or not, every person is now a media company."
Gary Vaynerchuk

Brandon T. Adams

BTA has been called "The King of Crowdfunding" & "The Influencer Maker."

He owns a brick & mortar ice business, a crowdfunding company, and, of course, Live to Grind, a company focused on helping other entrepreneurs get to 6 and 7-figures in their business in record time.
Become an Influencer...
Whether you call it "niche celebrity" or "industry thought-leader" or "influencer," those who are seen at the top of their field reap all the rewards.

- You can command higher prices
- You get more speaking opportunities
- You get free invites to exclusive events
- You're 'on the inside' with other leaders

All the big deals are done in the inner circle.

But fear not! 

It's not impossible to get into this influencer level in your niche. 

In fact, I've done it myself. 

And I'm a nobody from Iowa who barely squeaked out of college with a 1.68 GPA...

Now, I am a coveted public speaker, podcast host, frequent podcast guest, Executive Producer and co-star of a reality T.V. show, crowdfunding expert (who works with the likes of John Lee Dumas of EOFire and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank), serial entrepreneur, and more.

I've been seen on stage, national news programs, radio, magazine covers, and more.

I don't say this to brag.

I say it to show you that YOU too can achieve all these monikers of success and catapult yourself to the top of your industry.
Here's How...
Because it's so important to be seen as a leader and influencer in your field, I have created a top-notch 30-day Influencer Accelerator Mastermind program (that runs about $5k) where entrepreneurs with 6 and 7 figures on their goal list.

And we get them results.

Check out some testimonials below!

But some have requested a self-study option to work at their own pace. 

So here's what my team and I did...

We ripped out the BEST of the best videos, tutorials, checklists, and resources from the program and locked them behind the vault of a VIP membership.

Keep reading to get on the inside and start getting the visibility, credibility, and authority you deserve... no matter your niche.

This VIP Membership works great for:
...real estate agents advisors and life coaches
...licensed professionals (like lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, and more)
...public speakers specialists
...everyone who wants to sell more and stop haggling prices in a race to the bottom

No worries. We have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Kevin Harrington

Inventor of the Infomercial
Pioneer of the "As Seen On TV" Industry
Original Shark on ABC's Shark Tank

Stephen Dela Cruz

Accelerator Success Story
Entrepreneur | Investor | Coach | Keynote Speaker 
Stegela Success Mastery

Christina Kalsan

Accelerator Success Story
Product Development Guru
Lightbulb to Launch

John Lee Dumas

Creator & Host of EOFire
Winner of Best of iTunes, Best-Selling Author, 
Multi-millionaire, and Leader in Podcasting
Influencer Academy
VIP Lifetime Membership
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    - You can't make progress if you don't know where you are starting, where you want to go, and the steps to take along the way!
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    - I won't leave you hanging. Got a question? Ask!
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