Are You Cutting Yourself Short?

There are so many people who underestimate themselves on a daily basis. In the nation, about 85% of people lack confidence and typically don’t take action to do anything about it. The problem is that many people think they have that trait as apart of their skills, but a lot of the time that’s not the case. If I have a conversation with someone for the first time, right off the bat I can sense if they are confident in themselves or not.

Then there are those select people who think they are confident, but they are really not.

So what really is confidence?

The dictionary definition of confidence is: the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

That is true but I believe there is so much more to that trait than feeling certain about something. Knowing what you want in life, taking action to pursue those goals, and being assertive in the stance of creating a movement for something shows the true character of confidence. People can feel and show confidence in many ways, but some do need that push to get to a substantial level. Let’s say that you’re going on your first date in a while, you may be struggling with your confidence and need a boost, that can be helped by using such things as pheromones perfume, self-confidence talks, mental health exercises, etc. so you can bring that confidence to a healthy level.

So what stands between someone having the trait of confidence?


So many people are conditioned to doubting their decisions all the time that it has become a habit. On average people probably doubt themselves over 10 times a day without evening acknowledging that they do it. It’s as easy as saying they don’t have time for something or they aren’t sure about a specific task that is handed to them. The minute they see an opportunity the overcast of doubt falls into the picture.

To overcome doubt, see things in different perspectives. Instead of thinking negative of every situation or opportunity that is handed to you look at the positive of it. Tell yourself that you can handle things that are thrown your way.


Fear is only an illusion. It is what people are afraid of, but a lot of the times it’s just the thought of doing something outside of a comfort zone that scares an individual, causing them to be fearful of the situation. Many fears that you have can be overcame by addressing them which will be quite beneficial for you in the long run. Some common fears that people deal with are public speaking, voicing their goals or opinions, being a leader, and doing something different than the norm.

Fears are a tough thing to get rid of, but it is definitely possible. It’s all about taking small steps in the direction of breaking through your shell. Everyday set aside time to work on your fears. If you have the fear of public speaking, practice small speeches in front of family and friends and then move onto a larger crowd.


People want to please everyone, their friends, family, significant other, so they stay on the safe side and acquire the average lifestyle that everybody else does. They are scared of disappointing people that they love because of the high standards one has already placed on themselves. However, they don’t see the side of making themselves happy. When you please everyone sometimes you cut out the most important person which is yourself.

Therefore, do what makes you happy. If there is something that you always wanted to do but you are not sure what your family and friends will think of it, do it anyways! Tell them how you really feel and they will come around and support you on your endeavors.


Successful people in life don’t believe in putting limits on themselves. However, the average person will probably put numerous limits on their abilities on a daily basis. The human body can do wonders and the only limits it has are the ones that you impose on yourself. People lie to themselves numerous times, by doing this they are positioning limits on themselves throughout the day. They think of excuses on why they can’t do something, but in reality they are just the limits that they establish.

Do any of these reasons I listed sit in your comfort? If so you need to reevaluate these areas and work on them in order to gain the confidence that you want in life. Remember, it’s all about taking small steps in order to achieve what you want.



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