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90-Day Program
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Brandon is looking to help people achieve their biggest goals this year

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Deliverables of the Program
  • Spend an entire day with Brandon to focus on your goals and create a strategy to accomplish them. ($15,000 Value)
  •       - Optional Workout with Brandon 7-8:00am
  •       - 9-6 Strategy Session and create bulletproof game plan for 2018
  •       - 7-9 Dinner and Drinks on Brandon
  • 90-Day Consultation – 30-minute calls weekly
  • (13 total: May 1st – July 31st) ($12,000 Value)
  • Access to Brandon via text and email daily
  •  ***Limited to 3 Entrepreneurs***
About Brandon T. Adams
Who is Brandon?
Brandon T. Adams
“A crowdfunding expert turned media mogul. Brandon is changing the definition of modern-day media companies”
- Buzzfeed
• CEO of Live To Grind & Accelerant Media Group
• Executive Producer of Ambitious Adventures T.V. Show
• Co-Star & Associate Producer for Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy
• Host of the Live to Grind Podcast and T.V. Show
• Dubbed "King of Crowdfunding," who has raised over $1.5 million in the past 2 years
• Branding Expert
• Featured on Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Fox, ABC, NBC, Marketwatch, CBS, and more.
• Named 1 of 7 Millennial Influencers To Follow in 2018 by Buzzfeed
Some of Brandon's Accomplishments
• Raising $1.5 Million in the past 2 years with crowdfunding
• Putting on a Entrepreneurial event with over 500 attendees, making it among Iowa’s largest entrepreneurial event in 2016 and 2017
• Producing an Emmy Nominated Reality TV show that is distributed on the Entrepreneur Network and Facebook Watch
• Associate Producer and youngest cast of the docudrama “Think and Grow Rich The Legacy”
• Owning and operating an Ice Distributorship that delivers to over 100 accounts in a tri-state region
• Launching the 5th largest crowdfunding campaign for a book in history – Freedom Journal raised $453,000 in 33 days.
• Launching the largest crowdfunding campaign in history for a Docudrama. THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich – raised $370,000 to date.
• Becoming a Best Selling author with Kevin Harrington
• Inventing, manufacturing, and selling a product on Amazon – Arctic Stick 
• Featured on the Cover of inventors digest
• Created over 300 Podcast shows in the past 2.5 years
• Has been featured on over 100 podcast shows
• Keynoted in front of 1000 people 
• Investor and owner in 5 companies
In What Areas Can Brandon Help You?
• Launching and monetizing your podcast show
• How to write a book and hit best seller
• How to create video content that makes you money. He can help you create your own reality TV show.
• Charge more for what you do. Brandon can show you how he has sold 5k, 10k, 15k, and 25k packages
• Become a keynote speaker
• How to get massive media attention through TV, Podcasting, Blogs, and more.
• How to connect with top influencers and get them to work with you. Billionaires, Celebrities, and anyone you want to connect with
• How to put on a successful event and monetize it
• How to run and scale a Brick and mortar business
• How to build a team
• Sales, Sales, and Sales. How to Really SELL!
Hear From People Who Have Done This Program
Fabian Aquino
Michael Dash
Amanda Goolsby
Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank
John Lee Dumas
Host of Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast
TV Episodes of Ambitious Adventures
Hollywood, CA
Des Moines, IA
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90-Day Program
It's All About Your B.R.A.N.D.
Brandon will work with you to focus on building your personal, business, and online brand.

This program is different than others.

We're focused on giving you actionable takeaways.
Books & Blogs
The Power of Writing
From becoming a best-selling author, to writing awesome blog content, SEO, being featured in print, share-worthy social media posts, and more -- words still have power. All elite brands leverage the power of writing...
  • Learn: How to be a best-selling book publishing and how to repurpose your written content.
The Power of Video
The psychological power of connecting with your audience visually cannot be overstated. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube, T.V., and film. If you're not being seen and leveraging the power of video, you are missing out... 
  • Learn: How to use Facebook live streaming, video confessionals, and edited content to grow your brand.
The Power of Voice
Podcasts are exploding. Speaking on stage gives you enormous and instant authority. Successful entrepreneurs today know how to leverage the power of their voice to grow their brand and business...
  • Learn: How to start and monetize a podcast. How to structure a speech to engage an audience & sell your services. How to get booked on more podcast interviews.
Your Network is Your Networth
As taught in Think & Grow Rich, what you can achieve as a part of a Mastermind is greater than the sum of its parts. You are the average of whom you hang out with, so make them count and level up your network going into 2018...
  • Learn: How masterminds have made Kevin Harrington millions. Networking tactics to build rapport for the long-term. And how to stand out from influencers' "fans."
Stand Out from Your Competition
Entrepreneurship has become popular. Niches are getting crowded. You need to be different or drown in a sea of sameness. For your brand to be elite you need to differentiate and be uniquely you...
  • Learn: How to tap into your authentic story, share vulnerability (without losing credibility), and truly stand out in your industry.
90-Day Program
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