Connecting On An Entirely New Level: 3 Lessons Learned from Isolation in the Woods

This past weekend my Live to Grind mastermind came together on location in Iowa. We went to my neck of the woods — literally — at my cabin in Garnavillo.

We were completely disconnected from internet and were forced to be attentive to everyone else who was in the room. It was GREAT!

What occurred in this mastermind was something that was indescribable, and the real truth of what the power of a mastermind can do.

Starting out, we already have a diverse group of entrepreneurs who are set out to do amazing things in the next couple of months. This mastermind was connecting in an entire new level of business and personal development.

I brought in a guest speaker, David France, who shared his story from where he started out and what he is doing now. He went through a workshop that put everyone on a deeper level with themselves and each other.

The synergy in the group of connecting on a personal level helped the group break through some tough things that they were going through and struggling with.

Masterminds nowadays are thrown around left and right and are not just about making connections with business. It’s about finding the meaning of what you are actually set out to do in life with your business and personal development combined.

What I witnessed and saw throughout the weekend was growth in the perspective of many different areas in life, but I want to share with you these main takeaways that you should be applying to your life.

1. Don’t Bottle Up Emotions

Sometimes we think in order to display that we are strong human beings is to not show any type of emotion at all. Whether it’s frustration to the point that you are about to break down and cry to completely feeling alone in your journey.

It’s happened to all of us, but the best thing that we can do is just let it out because breakdowns always lead to breakthroughs.

2. Small Things Count

Listening to everyone’s story on how far they have come, including myself, has highlighted the fact that small things add up over time.

Going to that event you don’t want to, following up with that person you may have only met for 10 minutes, adding value to someone you want to work with will definitely create a domino effect.

You never know who you will meet that can change your life dramatically in the form of business or any other area in life. Therefore, putting yourself in situations that you think won’t convert into anything is when you could potentially strike gold.

3. Your Network is Your Networth

I have probably said this hundreds of times, but it’s true.

Who your surround yourself with is who you will become, my mastermind is the most diverse group of individuals ever, but they are also the most powerful. I know that every individual in my mastermind will achieve success in their field because of how they invest in themselves and the synergy we can create in minutes of being together. You can go far by yourself, but you can go even further with a group of like minded people.

Connections are important, in all areas of life. If you have never experienced a deep personal and business connection with someone, join a mastermind.

They are life changing.




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