Episode 380: How To TRAIN for Success with Brandon T. Adams


I just gave a talk in Los Angeles and it’s about training for success which I am going to dive deep into that and how you can apply it in your life. I’ve looked at all the things I’ve done in the past five years and different things I’ve implemented and I’ve created an easy to follow system and I am going to share with you all!

A few highlights from this episode include:

How do you train for success? I have this acronym, TRAIN and I want to go through what it stands for and how you can apply it in life and business.


  • T: Take Action: The number one thing that I see where entrepreneurs lack in is to taking action. You have to take action in your life. That may be sending so many emails, reaching out to people, just doing so many of something and writing down your goals for that day!


  • R: Relationships: The number one investment I’ve made in life is the relationships, investing in people. If you’re trying to find mentors, find a way to add value to your mentors. Make them money, invest in them! Some examples would be when I meet people at events, that was where I would build relationships.


  • A: Add Value: When you become a person of value, you’re going to get more out of your life. Add value to everyone! When you add value and solve problems, that’s how you make money.


  • I: Investing: This can be multiple things, you can invest in companies and make your money work for you but you can also invest in yourself. Invest in going to events where you can learn and connect with people. Invest in your mind and your knowledge.
  • N: Never giving up: Most people will quit before the finish line! If would just keep going in life, over time that will build up to a huge success. Some of our darkest time will bring our brightest times so just keep going and never quit.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “You have to take action in your life.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You core relationships in your circle are the ones that are going to decide your future. So make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right people.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Stop quitting. Just keep going!” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You just have to start!” – Brandon T. Adams

Mentions in the Episode

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