Epic Failure: Why This Webinar Ended Up Being My Favorite EVER

Click on this video below to play the [edited] webinar replay!

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More Backstory 🙂

As you may have noticed, I’ve been trying my hand at webinars lately. I was so pumped for “Attract High-Paying Clients Like a Magnet” set for yesterday.

But, guess what? It failed.


– 14 people never got confirmations for signing up
– halfway through the webinar software bugged out
– Google Hangouts couldn’t hold enough people
– Skype cut out often and was buggy
– The entire thing ran WAY long because we kept moving from spot to spot

Here’s the thing…most entrepreneurs only show you their golden wins.
[i.e. Perfect product launches, huge email lists, and CPC rates on Facebook ads that make even baby Jesus weep tears of joy].

Truth is though…they hide reality.

But. not. me.

Let’s get real. This webinar had nothing but technical issues.
In some ways, I’m embarrassed. My team feels like they let me down. And we are definitely getting rid of WebinarJam, and looking for better webinar software.

…but you know what?

It still brought MASSIVE VALUE to the people who stuck it out.
[Mad respect to Tom, Mike, Laura, and Morris!]

Those are true grinding entrepreneurs.

THOSE are the types of people I want to work with… Bring into my circle… Help reach their goals.

Okay, so back to this monstrosity…

My team edited out the biggest glitches [you’re welcome 😉 haha] and I thought it’s only right to share it with the world.

No one is perfect…not even me.

But if you are TRULY trying to give VALUE, then fuckall else.

That’s what matters.

Blemishes and all, this webinar is now officially my favorite one I’ve EVER done!

At about the 1.5 hour mark, one participant (shout out to Tom!) said:
– “I’ve been around for a long time… and you’re impressive as hell. I really do appreciate what you do and admire your success.
– “I think you’ve absolutely nailed it. You’ve got a string of success and people who’ve worked with you that speak for themselves.

Well, shit. How can I NOT share this webinar then?

Sure, I could delete it. Hide it from the world. Pretend that things always go right for me. Well, they don’t. But I keep going anyhow.

And you need to too!

So, watch this “unique” webinar (above) that started on WebinarJam, moved fruitlessly to Google Hangouts, and then pushed through more issues on Skype… and serves as a lesson to all to choose the webinar services that are actually going to be a good fit for both what they want to present and how they want to present it.

[Don’t worry…my team cut out as much dead air as possible to clean it up for you so that only the value shines through!]

Then comment below answering these two questions… if you dare!
What did you learn from the webinar, despite the tech issues?
2. When has your biggest failure become one of your favorite memories?


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