Episode 103: Creating a Six Figure Revenue While in College

MarceloMost people believe that you need money to make money when it comes to starting a business.  Dan Plantamura begs to differ. Dan is a 21-year-old college student at Iowa State University.  Him, his 19-year-old brother Mike, and their childhood best friend Nick turned their company Swimfluence into 6-figure revenue business in just 8 months on no start up money.  They leveraged the power of twitter and instagram to create a massive following then fulfilled a demand in the market.

Dan has been swimming his whole life and it’s his passion.  He knows the swimmer market very well and knows what they want, specifically the 10-22 year olds.  This allows him to market to that audience in a way that speaks their own language.  Most companies wouldn’t target that age group because they don’t have money, so instead they would promote to the parents.  Dan says that’s not as effective.  If you promote to the kids and show them how cool the product is that is being offered, they will then go to their parents and ask them to buy it for them.

For being just 21 years old, Dan certainly has a lot of great advice to give.  In this show you will learn:

  • How Dan and his brother built a 1.1 Million Following on Twitter and Instagram combined in a short period of time.
  • How to create a 6-figure business without any startup costs.
  • How Dan has managed to become among the top 5 Financial Advisor interns in the company for Northwestern Mutual.
  • How effect having a mentor has been to Dan’s Success.
  • How Dan and his brother are effectively helping others build a following on social media.

Dan is an inspiration to all college kids you are looking to start their own business while in college. Earlier that day I was a keynote speaker at ISU for the Business students attending a career fair breakfast.  Afterwards many students came up and told me how they wanted to work in corporate for a few years then start their own business when they have money saved up.  Clearly after hearing from Dan, that doesn’t have to be the case.  If you think outside the box and provide a product or service that people really want, they will buy it.

Be sure to Connect with Dan at the links Below:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-plantamura-71078499
Email: dan@swimfluence.com
Website: www.swimfluence.com or www.instagram.com/swimming

If you are in college right now and are thinking about starting your own business, I urge you to start now and don’t wait any longer.  You don’t need money to start a business and the time is never just right.  Make that leap!  Dan is proof that it’s very possible.

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