Episode 106: Taking MASSIVE Action in Life and Business

If you want to have massive results in life you are going to have to take massive action.  If you do average work then you will get average results.  The only way you are going to reach your huge goals is if you put in the work and do things that scare you.  I just listened to Grant Cardone’s book The 10X Rule, and he makes a point in there to say that you should always do things that you fear.  Do things that scare you, because if you do, that means you are growing and getting better.

I had the privilege to go on Grant Cardone’s podcast show yesterday and meet with him in person.  Grant takes GRIND to a whole new level.  He doesn’t mess around and has a clear vision on making a huge impact on this world.  He has a powerhouse team that works nonstop towards the common goal of making the biggest impact on earth and spreading the word about their courses, books, podcasts, sales packages, and all the great content they have to offer the world.

WATCH: Brandon with Grant Cardone!

After spending time with Grant I realized that I need to step up my game another notch.  I need to work harder, build a bigger team, and set my goals even higher.  You can never think big enough in life.  Right after I left the studio yesterday Caleb Maddix went on the show with Grant.  Caleb is a motivational speaker and author, and he is only 14.  His goal is to become a Billionaire by 30 and I bet he will do it.  He is 14! You shouldn’t have any excuses about why you can’t reach your goals. You must take massive action if you want to reach them!

Figure out what you want in life and go after it! I’m the top authority in crowdfunding and I plan to get better every day.  I take massive action every day to ensure I’m the best.  That’s how I’m able to get on shows with someone like Grant Cardone.

Check out the show here: https://youtu.be/EqFI42OMcsc

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