Episode 107: Building Your Personal Brand

Shauna Mackenzie is the founder of Best Kept Self, which is a company that helps entrepreneurs create a brand image and help regain energy and momentum before those burnouts. She takes us through her journey of starting her business, her successes, failures, and important tips for anyone out there. Shauna also speaks about keeping a common theme throughout your personal and business image. Highlighting key aspects along the way, Shauna dives deep into how personal brand image is the main aspect and marketing tool nowadays. If you’re thinking of improving your personal brand imaging, if you have little to no experience, courses provided by universities like the University of Maryland could be a great starting point to improving your brand marketing knowledge extensively.

Questions Asked:

  • Where/how did you get started with Best Kept Self?
  • What was the process like in creating your business?
  • Why is brand image important?
  • What are the first things people notice/judge when meeting someone?
  • What are mindful tactics to build credibility and impression on a website?
  • What are main tips to do on social media to promote personal image along with business image?
  • What have you learned from your biggest failures and successes?
  • What is the best book or resource to check out?
  • Best advice you could give anybody.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Story behind how Best Kept Self started
  • Importance in personal image
  • Tips on combining personal and business image
  • The Yes Diet
  • Tips on business and life itself

The Yes Diet:

  1. Don’t say yes to everything
  2. Understand your opportunity cost
  3. Have a clear vision of your goal
  4. Realize saying no may be because of guilt
  5. Saying no increases your value

Shauna Mackenzie leaves us with her best tip which is never stop asking questions. You never know what opportunity will arise if you don’t ask questions!

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