Episode 110: Making the Right Decisions for Future Success

Every single day people are reaching out to me for help in their business, requesting me to go on their podcast show, speak to their audience, or attend their masterminds.  When you work your ass off, opportunities will come at you left and right, but you won’t be able to take every single one that comes your way.  You need to figure out which ones will help you in reaching your ultimate goal in life.

Some people don’t know what that goal is, and if you don’t you should figure that out.  What are your short-term goals?  Where do you want to be in 1, 5, 10, or even 20 years?  Figure out what your goals are in life and only take up opportunities that work towards that goal.

I have a set of morals and rules that I live by and you should to.  Write them down on a piece of paper.  When you come to a tough decision in life go back to your goals and morals, or what I call my laws to live by, and see if that opportunity fits with your laws.  This will help you with making the right decisions in life.

My life goal is to impact billions of lives while I’m still here on earth.  I will do that through speaking, writing books, podcasting, TV, Radio, Podcast shows, courses, and helping others raise money for their business or any other ideas.  All of my companies contribute to that life goal.  When given opportunities I ask myself, does this contribute to my goals and does it fit inside my laws of success?

Choose your time wisely and spend it doing things that contribute to your success.  If you always have your end goal in mind, you will find yourself making the right decisions and reaching everything you set out for.

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