Episode 114: Learn to Take Action Toward Your Goals

Want to know the number 1 reason why most people don’t reach your goals in life?  They don’t take action! Sounds pretty simple, but it’s true.  Most people never even make the initial step forward towards their goals.  All they do is talk about it, but never really act on it.  Most people will make up reasons in their mind why it won’t work.  The time isn’t right, they don’t have the money, they aren’t old enough, they will go on and on and on why things won’t work.  If you want something bad enough you will figure out a way to make it happen.

When I was broke out of college I had the idea for Arctic Stick, and believed in it, but I had no money to pursue it.  That didn’t stop me.  Within 6 weeks I rounded up $10,000 from family, friends, and fools to move forward with my idea.  Then over time I put all the money I had into Arctic Stick to make sure it succeeded.  Along the way I found experts who could help me with things I didn’t know, and I made progress.  I eventually hit a brick wall for funding.  I needed to raise $25,000 for the tooling machinery to mass-produce Arctic Stick.  Instead of making excuses I did a crowdfunding campaign and raised the money.

After 3.5 years of never giving up and close to $100,000 spent, I got Arctic Stick to market and now it sells on Amazon.  I didn’t make excuses, I just found solutions and got shit done.  There was no other option for me.  Failure was not an option.

Because of that commitment to seeing Arctic Stick through and never giving up, it led me to many other opportunities that have changed my life forever.  Never giving up with Arctic Stick led me to creating all of my other companies.  When you stick with 1 thing long enough, many opportunities will come your way.

My ability to take action and get shit done has allowed me to have big success.  If you want something bad enough you will figure out a way to get it.  And if not, you will find a excuse for why you didn’t.

Take Action and Get Shit Done!!

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