Episode 115: Entering the Dragon’s Den with Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt is an entrepreneur from London that has been on Dragons Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank), and now has his own company named Virtual Valley. Virtual Valley is a company based in London where they help entrepreneurs connect with VA assistants without the time and hassle for researching one themselves. Tom takes us through his story of how he built and scaled his company, how he landed #1 on the business section of most viewed podcasts on itunes, and what he envisions in the future. He leaves us with some great tips, top books, and his last thoughts to share with any young entrepreneur.


Questions Asked:

  • What led you to the life of an entrepreneur?
  • What was it like pitching on Dragons Den?
  • How did you land on Dragons Den?
  • Tell me about the journey that led you to create your company.
  • Where is your company now?
  • What does a typical day look like for you?
  • How did you land #1 on the business section of most viewed podcast on itunes?
  • What is your vision that you want to achieve in your life?
  • What is your top tip for any young entrepreneur?
  • What is a great book to read?

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Dragons Den pitch
    • Product pitched: Male leggings
  • How Virtual Valley begun
  • How to keep your day on track
  • Land #1 podcast on business itunes
  • Top Tips for young entrepreneurs


Top Tip for any entrepreneur:

  1. Take 2 hours in the morning for yourself
    1. Before any outside communication (email, phone, skype)
    2. Brainstorm for yourself/ company
    3. Get everything done for yourself
    4. Follow with the rest of your day

Tom Hunt leaves us with some last words, “Help people, because that is what is going to make you happy in life.” Words from a wise man, add value to others and you will get that back in return.

Contact our Guest

Blog post about setting up and launching podcast: http://unsettle.org/how-to-make-a-podcast/

Virtual Valley: https://www.virtualvalley.io

Tom Hunt Marketing: http://tomhunt.io/

Tom Hunt Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomhuntio

Video of Tom on Dragon’s Den: https://youtu.be/WZ5AFwMIffY

Tom’s Ted Talk: https://youtu.be/i3F08BnhhXM

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