Episode 118: Traveling the Country and Going After Your Dreams

The past 9 days I have been traveling all over the country.  I went to San Diego to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Yoga 4 Homeless, I then went to Saint Pete Florida where I filmed a crowdfunding video with Kevin Harrington, then flew to Portland Oregon to launch a kickstarter campaign for the Convertible HDL.  I’ve done a lot in a short period of time and I really haven’t slept much in the past 9 days.  It’s been a complete Grind and it’s not going to slow down for the rest of the month.  In 15 days I have my event Young Entrepreneur Convention, and to top it off I launch Kevin Harrington’s Indiegogo Campaign “Put a Shark in Your Tank” live from the event on April 23rd.

As you can see I have a lot going on.  I literally am strategizing every single hour leading up to the event.  It’s going to be a crazy month but I know I will get through it. It is times like these that the real leaders push through and come out on top, while others may give up and make an excuse and say there isn’t enough time. There is always a way to make things happen.

Steve Jobs once was asked to delay the launch of his newest computer because something had gone wrong in manufacturing and the team had said it wasn’t possible to meet the launch date.  Steve told them he understood where they were coming from but he said that anything is possible.  Anything! He pushed his team to work nonstop and the team literally lived at the office.   Some didn’t sleep for a day straight, pushing to make the deadline.  They ended up making their launch date and followed through.  This specific example with Steve shows you what it takes to become a true leader and top influencer of your time.

You need to do the unthinkable and figure out ways to get stuff done.  That’s what I have done my entire life, and now I’m getting tested more then ever.  I will push through and I will come out on top.

Think about your life and everything you have to do.  Are you making excuses of why you can’t do something or are you like Steve Jobs and making shit happen without any excuses?  Push through the tough times and you will be rewarded greatly. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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