Episode 119: Using the Power of Video to Revamp Your Business with Greg Rollet

Greg 2015 fall cutoutHave you ever dreamed of being a Rockstar?  If you are a musician I’m sure you have thought of the life of living on the road and becoming a famous singer.  Greg Rollet had that life for a period of time.  Him and his band were on track to make it huge in the music world.  Right after Greg got married he invested everything he had into equipment to go on the road and go on tour with other big bands.  All of his dreams were coming true until his band decided to back out at the last minute, leaving him broke and on his in laws couch.

Greg was freshly married and in love, but yet felt like his heart was torn out of him from his band leaving him.  It wasn’t until his in-laws made him go to a conference, which ended up changing his life.  After attending the conference and maxing his credit card out on all of the material that they had, he had the mindset of becoming successful and becoming the sole controller of his destiny.

He started selling hammocks, and then it led him to selling his own EBooks where he taught people what he already knew.  This led him to starting his own company Ambitious.com.  At Ambitious they make it easy for you to live a bolder, better, and more Ambitious life.  They do that by simply introducing you to the people, the places, and the things you need to live more ambitiously now, and during the best years of your life.

Greg also brings in Business Experts from all over the world to come on his show to share their knowledge to his audience for free.  At the end of the show he takes all of the content and turns it into courses that people can buy.  Pretty sweet huh?  On May 11th I will be on his show to talk about crowdfunding.  I’m stoked!

In this show we talk about:

  •   How to brand yourself through media
  •   Why video is the most powerful marketing you can have
  •   Why you need to focus in on the people that care about your message (You don’t necessarily need a big following to make a lot of money in business)
  •   Why Greg thinks email marketing is by far the best ROI
  •   Why you need to focus more on the long-term profit vs. short-term

Greg’s Tips for success

  •   Get comfortable creating media!!!
  •   Find the media that’s going to be the biggest leverage play
  •   Create your platform and put out consistent content
  •   Stay Constant and Consistent

Greg has become very successful in business and he now speaks all across the country.  He will be speaking at Young Entrepreneur Convention on April 23rd.

At the beginning of his journey Greg attended a conference similar to Young Entrepreneur Convention.  It gave him the knowledge he needed to become what he is today.  That’s exactly why you have to be at the Young Entrepreneur Convention.  It will be a game changer that will take you and your business to the next level.

Get your Tickets and Join both of us at Iowa’s largest Entrepreneurial Conference.

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