Episode 12: Public Speaking, Motivating and Pitching a Product

Public Speaking- Learn how to Pitch a Product or Motivate a Crowd with Brandon Adams
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In this episode I talk about how to become a great public speaker weather you are pitching a product on shark tank, giving a business presentation to inform others about your company or doing motivational speaking. There are many forms of speeches that you can give. Some may be a minute pitch to as long as 2 hours. The type of presentation you give will depend on who your audience is.

When you speak to a crowd you need to cater to that audience. What age group are they? What are you trying to inform them about or persuade them to do? The better you know your audience and the topic you are speaking on, the better presentation you will give.

5 Key Tips to Give a Great Presentation

  1. Capture their Attention– at the very beginning you want to grab the audience’s attention so they are hooked in from the start. Start with a question or inspirational story. Let them know at the beginning what you are going to talk about.
  2. Relate to your Audience– what you know a lot about may not be as clear to who you are speaking to. Try to relate your message to your audience and put it in terms they can understand. For example with my product the Arctic Stick, I ask the audience “have you ever had a warm drink on a hot day?” Almost everyone can relate to that. Next I will ask “Have you ever took the time to try and put ice cubes inside a regular sized bottle?” Most people have also tried it and its time consuming. Then I say “the Arctic Stick easily fits inside any bottled beverage and keeps it colder for a longer period of time”. I state a problem everyone can relate to then tell them how my product the Arctic Stick will solve that problem.
  3. Speak visually– When you speak to your audience use words that they can picture in their mind. For example: When I tell my story about how I came up with the idea of Arctic Stick I say “It was a hot day in July and it had to be 100 degrees out. I was soaking with sweat and felt like I was taking a bath. The front cab of my truck felt like a oven and I was craving a cold bottled beverage”. I explain it with words that allow you to visualize what I’m saying and enable you to picture it in your head.
  4. Tell a Story– Some of the best speakers on this earth are great because they are great at telling a story. Tony Robbins is probably one of the best at doing this. He tells great stories that you don’t forget and inspires his audience. Tell your personal story that comes from the heart. People can see when you are speaking from the heart and they can feel it. Most people don’t remember more then half the things you talk about in your presentation, but if you tell a story then they are much more likely to remember it.
  5. End with a Bang– You always want to have a great ending that you can leave the audience feeling good about. Give an inspirational story or read a quote that has meaning to you. Give a clear call to action to what you want your audience to do. Do you want them to go buy your product, or are you persuading them to donate for a special cause? Whatever it is you want to give a clear command to your audience.

To become a great speaker you need to speak on what you are passionate about and what you have a lot of knowledge in. Speaking in Public not only motivates and inspires people but it also gives you credibility for the topic you are talking about. Over time you will be seen as an expert in this area, allowing you to become more valuable to people, and giving you the ability to make lots of money.

I challenge you to go speak in front of crowds and share with them your story. Struggling? Need a Public Speaking Coach? Find out more. When you manage it, I promise you it will feel exhilarating!

If you want more advice on how to speak or just want to connect with me, email me at Brandon@brandontadams.com . If you liked this podcast then share it with your friends on social media and tell them what you liked about it. You can find this episode and more on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and all social media. Help me spread my message and inspire millions of people!

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