Episode 120: How to Become a Key Person of Influence

It should be your goal to become the key person of influence in your industry.  When you become the key person of influence you have more opportunities, you make more money, you attract the right kind of people, and it makes it much easier in business.  After a few years of complete GRIND I’m starting to see what it’s like to become the key person of influence.  People want to meet with you and learn from you.  They want to pick your brain.  You start to become wanted and you feel very valuable.

This is what I have done in the crowdfunding industry.  After putting in the hard work and working with the best, I am becoming the best and being seen as the key person of influence.  I’m currently working with Kevin Harrington to launch his newest book “Put a Shark in Your Tank” on Indiegogo.  We will be launching it LIVE from the Young Entrepreneur Convention on April 23rd.  While working with Kevin I’ve seen more respect from people and I’ve gotten more requests to work with me. I’ve also been able to see first hand the power Kevin has as the Key Person of Influence in his industry.

People are dying to work with him and trying to meet with him all the time.  He gets requests to speak across the country on a daily basis, and now gets paid up to $50,000 to speak for a few hours.  How did he get to that point?

Here is what he did, and you should too

  •   Work with the Best
  •   Be consistent
  •   Work hard
  •   Take up opportunities that can help you grow
  •   Continue to learn on a daily basis
  •   Have a great team around you
  •   Speak to the masses
  •   Write books on your area of expertise

These are all things that I have done in the past few years.  It’s not easy, but it’s well worth it.  You too can become a key person of influence if you follow all of these steps.

I have a way you can get there faster.  I’m working  with Kevin and he’s looking for Entrepreneurs to share their story of their business journey in his newest book.  That’s right, you could contribute to Kevin’s next book.  Go to www.putasharkinyourtank.com to get more information or send me an email at brandon@brandontadams.com .

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