Episode 123: Caleb Maddix Gives ‘Young Entrepreneur’ New Meaning

Caleb Maddix is a 14 year old young entrepreneur who is the CEO of a 6 figure business, Kids for Success. He is a entrepreneur, speaker, and an author at such a young age but he takes the level of entrepreneurship to an entire new level. Caleb speaks to us about his journey on how he became this successful as he started the love of entrepreneurship at the age of 6 years old. He dives deep into what drives him to do what he loves and how his father has been his inspiration and coach throughout all of it. Social media is huge in today’s society, Caleb speaks to us about how you can build a big social media following. Finally, Caleb leaves us with great advice for any young entrepreneur out there who has a dream that they want to achieve.

Questions Asked:

  • What is your story on how you became so successful at the age of 14?
  • What led you to become an author and speaker?
  • How did your dad help you?
  • How do you master sales?
  • How have you created deep relationships?
  • What have you learned from social media?
  • Why is snapchat so powerful right now?
  • How have you spoke across the country on big stages?
  • When people say Caleb Maddix, what do you want people to have come into their mind?
  • What’s your vision on your company, Kids for Success?
  • How does it feel to be around people 3 times your age?
  • What is your best tip that you would give anybody?

Topics Discussed:

  • Story on becoming an entrepreneur
  • Master Sales
  • Social Media following
  • Kids for Success
  • How to gain credibility
  • Top Tips

3 Cs to gain Social Media Following

  1. Content
    • Make the viewers want to listen to you
    • Valuable advice/information
  2. Connecting on a deep level
    • Make the content meaningful
    • Want to help the audience
  3. Consistency
    • Make it so you are constantly pushing out content
    • Daily activity

“The gun that kills the most people is the gunna..”

– Caleb Maddix

Connect with our Guest

  • Snapchat: @Calebmaddix13

Caleb will be speaking at Young Entrepreneur Convention.  You should join us and learn from this Young Inspirational kid that is going after his dreams.

I will see you there!

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