Episode 127: Sports, Entrepreneurship, and Taking the Yoga 4 Homeless Challenge with Andrew Beinbrink

Have you ever wanted to play sports on a professional level? If not, Have you at least thought about what the life would be like? Today Andrew Beinbrink shares with us his journey playing professional baseball and his transition into the entrepreneurship world. Andrew went on to start Sports Force, which helps high school kids pick the right college to go to for playing sports.

Y4H LJ Xmas Breakfast 12.20.15Andrew took on many challenges as an athlete, and as an entrepreneur, but one day everything changed for him, which turned into a whole new challenge, which is now called the Yoga 4 Homeless Challenge.

Andrew was walking home one day and saw a homeless veteran sleeping on the cold concrete on a rainy day. He rushed home and grabbed the first thing he could find for the homeless man to lay on, which was a yoga mat. Little did Andrew know, that small gesture ended up creating an entire movement around the homeless epidemic.

Homelessness is a huge problem in this country, especially in San Diego area where Andrew lives today. With this being said, homelessness is an issue in many countries. From ticking off a new year resolution of working in a soup kitchen and handing out food to homeless people to companies like dignity on wheels giving out wellness packs to people living on the streets, there are many ways that people can help the less fortunate.

Andrew started the nonprofit Yoga 4 Homeless to help get people off the streets and back on track. The goal is to use yoga as a way to mentally and spiritually help the homeless figure out their lives and what they need to do in order to get off the streets.

WATCH: The #Y4HChallenge!

To raise awareness about this cause, Andrew started the Yoga 4 Homeless challenge, similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge that went viral and raised lots of money for ALS victims. Now there are hundreds of videos out there of people taking the Yoga 4 Homeless challenge, and urging others to take the challenge while donating money and mats to the homeless.

Please go to http://yoga4homeless.org/ and pledge today to make a difference in a homeless persons life.

I personally challenge you to the Yoga 4 Homeless challenge, and urge you to donate money to this cause. I saw first hand what the homeless go through, and it’s very sad. Together we can help solve this problem and keep people off the streets.


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