Episode 13: Chris Hawker – Inventing Million Dollar Products and Making Record Breaking Crowdfunding Campaigns

In this episode we hear from the famous inventor Chris Hawker how to invent a million dollar product and also create a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign.  He has brought over 80 products to market and has succeeded in crowdfunding with many ideas including the Quickey, and Carbon Flyer both raising over $200,000 .

Chris has been inventing products all his life and has seen the ups and downs of being an inventor.  Not every idea works, but with persistence you could be on the path of creating a million dollar idea.  Chris discusses how he first started out with his invention the Algae Scraper, and how he went on to selling hundreds of thousands of units.

After hitting it big with his first idea he realized he wanted to build a company and spend the rest of his life developing ideas.  His next few ideas didn’t hit it big like the Algae Scraper but it was a good learning cure.  He realized inventing is a lot harder then he thought.   Over time he developed more ideas with his most successful being the Power Squid, which generated over a million dollars in royalty, and over $20 million in gross sales.   Chris will explain his journey with reaching this success and the struggles he had along the way.

Then we jump into crowdfunding.  Chris and his company Trident Design have become very good at doing crowdfunding campaigns and helping others with their own campaigns.  His company has even helped design the Coolest Cooler, which was the largest crowdfunding campaign in history until a few weeks ago.  This campaign raised $13.2 million dollars on kickstarter.  Below is a picture with the 2 guys who had a big part in designing the famous “Coolest Cooler”.

This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur or inventor looking to develop a million dollar idea or create a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

Some Questions I ask

  • What steps did you take to develop the PowerSquid into a million dollar invention?
  • What are your top tips to someone launching a crowdfunding campaign?
  • What techniques do you use to get the most attraction to your campaign?
  • How do you keep the momentum going after your crowdfunding campaign ends?

In this Episode you will Learn

  • How to turn your idea into a million dollar product from start to finish.
  • What proven method Chris uses to decide if a product is really a good idea or not.
  • Why the first day of a crowdfunding campaign is the most crucial to your success.
  • How to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign


I really enjoyed visiting Chris and his team at Trident Design.  They have an awesome team that really knows how to develop products and launch crowdfunding campaigns.  If I ever launch another crowdfunding campaign I’m definitely going to partner up with Trident.  If you have a great idea and need help, or want to launch the next record crowdfunding campaign then I would highly suggest contacting Chris and his team at www.trident-design.com .

Also be sure to check out their newest crowdfunding campaign coming up this April called the Groov Knife Block  http://m.heyo.com/85542b

Learn more about Chris’s Products and campaigns

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