Episode 132: Get What You’re Worth

How much do you value the work that you do for your clients?  How much are you charging? Is it enough?  Most people are usually not charging enough for their services, because they not only lack confidence but self worth of what they are providing.

Sterling and I were both challenged this past weekend at the Millennial Entrepreneur Network to think about what we would do for a client if we charged them $100,000 for a year of services provided to them.  If you break that into 52 weeks, it would be $1.923.07 per week.  What would you provide your client for that amount of value for that week?  You will find out that the $100,000 could be used up pretty fast in return for your time.

Sterling and I looked back on where we were a year ago, and how far we have come.  We both have increased our prices substantially.  Why?  Because we have more experience, we are great at what we do, and because we are worth it.  I am confident in what I charge to work with me and will continue to increase my prices as I gain more experiences and knowledge that can help my clients.

The reason I believe most people undervalue themselves is because they lack confidence.  Confidence is vital in business.  People will see your confidences in your work and will want to work with you because of it. Confidence also trains your mind to believe you can do whatever you set out for and in return will achieve it.  Whatever the mind conceives and believes the mind achieves.

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