Episode 134: Getting An Investment

There is not a day that passes where I’m not pitched a new idea to crowdfund or invest in. I literally never know what is going to come my way. Just today, I had a meeting with a couple guys who want to crowdfund a gold mining project – talk about going for the gold, right?!?  

I seriously love what I do. Sure, I never know what is going to come at me, but I do understand that I cannot work with everyone who bends my ear. In fact, I’m very particular about who I choose to work with and have a set of guidelines that I live by. If you ever want to get an investment from me or bring me one to facilitate a crowdfunding campaign with you, you need to have what I’m looking for.

Here are the primary traits I look for when deciding whether to invest in something/someone or to take on a crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Passion and Drive: The Number 1 thing I look for is passion and drive in the person who wants to work with me. I ask myself: “Can they pull this off?” Ideas are nothing without a determined professional pushing ever forward. If I think the person has what it takes to push through the hard times, I’m more likely to work with them.
  2. An Exceptional Team: Almost every person who is looking to invest in your idea looks at your team. It takes a good team to have success (and a GREAT team to exceed your wildest projections). I want to see if everyone on your team brings something to the table and adds value to the whole. Keep in mind, it is not necessarily great people, but GREAT TEAMS that create billion dollar companies.
  3. Market Potential: Does your idea have HUGE market potential? Investors want to 10x their return in a short period of time. I want to see the next Facebook or a billion dollar market potential. If it’s a crowdfunding project I want to see the potential to raise 6-7 figures.
  4. Alignment with MY Goals and Vision: Everything I work on must align with my life goal in some way. I intend to positively impact 1 billion lives by the age of 40. That’s a big goal (that even scares me!), but with our exponential growth in technology and the power of the internet, I see it as possible. I will achieve this through building awareness face-to-face, on the speaking circuit, on TV, radio, social media, podcasts, crowdfunding, and any other platform that allows me to reach many people at once. I want to motivate others and inspire them to do what they love in life.

My future crowdfunding Campaign with Ambitious Adventures fits all 4 of my guidelines and is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In July I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign with Greg Rollett and Los Silva for the TV show called Ambitious Adventures.

We are traveling to 10 cities across the country to interview and feature entrepreneurs in each city. We will highlight their business, success, the entrepreneurial community they live in, and what led them to their success.

We currently are taking applications for participants to be in the show.  You can submit your application at http://ambitious.com/adventures-segment.

If you want to keep updated on our launch, subscribe at http://ambitious.com/adventures.

This is a big project for me and I’m excited to give you the opportunity to be part of it. If you want more daily updates on this project or simply want to see the behind the scenes of my life, follow me on snapchat at btadams18.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, check out my brand new site for Keys to the Crowd!  We recently updated our entire site and created a brand new course on crowdfunding. If you purchase the course by Friday you will save $300!

Use the course to raise $1 million dollars then come on my podcast show to share your story! A testimonial would be cool too! 😉


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