Episode 135: Maximize Profits With Your Food Truck

A few weeks ago I met Ali Walter at the Millennial Entrepreneur Network. Within minutes, we clicked to the point that we were finishing each other’s sentences. It was kind of scary because I felt like I was chatting with the female version of me! Ali shared a lot with me, including her experience helping businesses maximize their profits and ascend to new heights in their industry, specifically the food truck industry. As this industry continues to grow, it comes as no surprise to find that some people want to start making a living within the fleet truck business. Seeing as you are able to track your fleet of vehicles, you’d be able to keep an eye out for them and not have to worry while the vehicles are out catering to large audiences. To do this, it only takes something like this Titanwinds TMS software to ensure truck owners can oversee company operations to manage all of their fleet properly. This is one of the best ways for any business using trucks to manage themselves effectively.

Back in May of 2013, Ali left an asphalt business that she had built up from $60,000 annual revenue to more than $1 million annually in just 5 years. I knew I HAD to have her on the UYE podcast.

In this episode, she shares with us the strategies she used to build this business (and a whole lot more).

After spinning off the asphalt business, she started her own company called Ali Ann & Company to help other businesses succeed without sacrificing their freedom. She helped others to apply what she learned in the asphalt business. Over time she saw how similar the asphalt and food truck business were (Seriously?!? Yes!). She started showing food truck proprietors how to maximize their profits and grow their business exponentially without giving up another form of wealth: Their freedom. From giving advice on where to find the best generators for food trucks, to helping these unique businesses find their niche, Ali has quickly become an expert in the mobile catering industry. Before long Ali was named the “Food Truck Whisperer.”

Topics in show:

  • How she built a 7 figure business in 5 years
  • Strategies she used to build up the Asphalt business
  • How to hook customers in 4-8 seconds
  • Ali talks about how to attract the right venues to cater to for your food truck
  • How to get your food truck to be the most popular from the rest at special events
  • How to succeed without sacrifice

Quotes from Ali

“Take risks, because at the end of the day what do you have to lose”

“Don’t allow fear to determine your visions”

Be sure to connect with Ali on Facebook and on her website. She has great insight on how to grow a business.




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