Episode 137: Life Lessons

I can’t begin to describe how many lessons I’ve learned during the last 8 years. From college into the early stages of business and entrepreneurial career, I’ve never stopped learning. Sure, I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but these have helped me shape myself into a more seasoned entrepreneur.  

Growing as a person, a business man and an entrepreneur is a 24/7 duty, and as such I know I still have a lot to learn. Today, though, I want to share my mistakes with you so you can avoid them on your journey. I think you’ll see that some of my failures have provided the impetus to propel me to my greatest successes in life. That is why I’m sharing them here. YOU can learn from them.

If I were to go back to college I would make sure to go to as many speaking events as possible.  I would’ve been more active with school actives and would’ve used as many resources as the college provided.  After all, my tuition was paying for them anyways.  It just took one presentation at Iowa state university to change my life forever.  That presentation by Cactus Jack Barringer led me to where I am today.  This is exactly why I tell others to go to other events like the Young Entrepreneur Convention, or get active in meet ups and be networking all the time.  One person could change your life forever.

After college I tried many things as an entrepreneur.  I was the jack of all trades but master of none.  To become great at something you need to focus on it nonstop.  

Everything that I work on now helps me get closer to my end goal in mind.  If something doesn’t align with my vision, I won’t do it.  I’m not influenced by money, or persuaded by things that distract me from my vision.  I never used to be that way.

I used to work just for the money and work nonstop.  I didn’t have a life, nor did I take care of my body.  I would work 100-hour weeks, not sleep much, and drink regularly.  My health was poor and I had no friends because all I ever did was work.  I learned very quickly that there was more to life than work and money.  You need to focus on the things that you love in life.  You also need to pay close attention to the people that you love in life.

One of my biggest failures in life was losing the girl I loved.  Why did I lose her? I lost focus of her and focused too much time on my work.  When you are passionate about your work it’s hard to stop.  It’s addicting.  You need to find your happy medium and be sure to make time for the people that mean the most to you, because you may lose them otherwise.  Life is too short not to spend time with your loved ones, or live an enjoyable life.  Live life to the most and share your experiences with others. Enjoy the journey, because that is the best part.  If you don’t enjoy the journey, what makes you think you will enjoy yourself once you reach your end goal?  Life is interesting and full of surprises.  Make the best of it and live the life that you want to live.

These are my life lessons that have turned me into who I am today.  Who will you become?

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