Episode 138: Staying Up Late

When you have a passion, you just don’t want to quit. That said, I tend to stay up late as a result of my passion for my work. When you love what you do it’s sometimes hard to stop working. As I record this podcast at 2 a.m. I still have drive in me to keep going for the day (actually morning) but I realize I absolutely need sleep. Quite often I have late nights like this because my mind is always going and I get excited about my work because I’m addicted to mastering my craft. This happens to a lot of people. Throughout the day, they feel unproductive, but when it comes to the evening/night time, their brain is constantly working. For some, they find that they become more productive at night. So once they’ve read a Children Story to put their kids to bed and done everything around the house, it is then time to start work. When you find what you love in life you too will have late nights working on your passion project.

Today I woke up at 5 a.m. and I’m still going 21 hours later. To utilize my day and get the most done I have specific tactics I use and you should too. Every day I start my day exercising whether that is running, yoga, lifting weights, or simply just doing pushups in my hotel room. This is something that I must do, otherwise it offsets my day. After I exercise I meditate, eat breakfast, then shower. When I shower I always end by putting the water to really hot for 30 seconds, to cold 30 seconds, then repeat one more time. I always end on cold. This wakes you up and also jumpstarts your body. After showering I plan my day out. I set and accomplish my goals for the day. I have my main goals I want to get done then my less important goals. I write them down then start getting things done off of my list. A great tool for setting and accomplishing your goals is the Freedom Journal, which John Lee Dumas created.

While working on my tasks for that day I will time myself and set deadlines. I challenge myself to get things done in a short period of time. Today I challenged myself to write a chapter for a book in 90 minutes. I ended up getting it written in 80 minutes. This chapter is what I’m contributing to my friend’s book. I literally just realized that I’m contributing to three books this year, with one being with Kevin Harrington for his book “Put a Shark in Your Tank”. It’s quite an honor.

When you become a expert in your industry many opportunities will come to you, like being asked to contribute to a book, come on a podcast show, or even to come on a morning show. The more I master my craft the more publicity I get. This is why it’s important to become the best at what you do.

Towards the end of this podcast show I rant about the life as an entrepreneur and how there are many misconceptions. Many people want to become an entrepreneur for the wrong reasons. They want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or they want to create a company and sell it for millions. They want the girls, cars, house, and all the sexy stuff that comes with it. All of these things come at a price and many people aren’t willing to pay the price. I have paid the price and I continue to pay the price that it takes to reach crazy goals. I have a long way to go on my journey but I have already secured a number of victories. None of it happened overnight. I’ve been working toward this my entire life. Believe it or not I started a video and podcast series of my journey back in early 2014 to show my journey. I wanted this content to be shown someday to others so they could see the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur. The grind. The shit you go through to get to the top.

I’m thinking about releasing this sometime in the future. This will show you everything I’ve gone through during my journey. I even have a video I created the day before my launch for the Arctic Stick kickstarter campaign back in July of 2014. I will admit there are some videos I look like I had been through hell. But that’s what you need to see. The world needs to see the real entrepreneurs life, not just the glory.

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