Episode 14: How to Set Definite Goals and Achieve them with Brandon Adams

Everyone makes goals but how often do people actually achieve them? Most times people throw out large goals without even thinking about what it takes to achieve that goal. When making goals you need to make a definite goal that has a detailed game plan on how to achieve it and a set deadline on when you need to achieve it by. To achieve that goal you should make smaller goals that lead up to that big goal. Each week you should make a commitment to achieve something that leads up to your larger goal.

A goal that many people throw around without even realizing how big of goal that it is would be becoming a millionaire. I’ve made the commitment back in college that I wanted to become a millionaire by 30. Since then I’ve changed that deadline to the age of 28. When you think about a million dollars it’s a lot of money. Lets put it into perspective. I’m 25 and lets say I want to become a millionaire by 30. Lets say exactly 5 years from now.

5 years = 1,825 days = 43,800 hours

If I want to make that million dollars at a constant rate over the next 5 years, assuming no taxes or interest is made and all money goes into account, then it would mean you would have to make the following:

5 years = income of $200,000 per year
1,825 days = income of $548 per day
43,800 hours = income of $22.84 per hour

Looking at it broken down gives you a whole new perspective on your goal doesn’t it? Most people state a goal without even taking the time to figure out what that goal actually consists of and what they need to do in order to achieve it.

Suggested Steps to take to Achieve your Goal

  1. Write your goal down on paper and give a definite date of when that goal needs to be achieved. Be very clear on your goal and on the day and time it must be accomplished.
  2. Put together a detailed plan on how you plan to achieve that goal. What services will you render in return for reaching that goal? What sacrifices will you make to get there?
  3. Make smaller goals that are daily/weekly/monthly that lead up to the deadline of your goal. Each of your smaller goals should get you closer to your most definite final goal.
  4. Write this goal on a certificate and have the date you want it achieved listed on it. Frame this certificate and place it where you can see it every single day. This will make it seem more real and motivate you to achieve it.
  5. Find someone to help you be accountable for your goal and motivate you to push through the tough times. Having a coach or accountability partner will make things go much easier.
  6. Finally, once you have a definite game plan in place, you need to work your ass off nonstop until you achieve your goal!!

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