Episode 143: Persistence Pays Off With Haris Reis

Persistence. Persistence pays off and will take you places.  Like the old saying goes “You can’t beat someone that never gives up”.  The most successful entrepreneurs get to where they are because they never gave up.  They faced the same challenges as anyone else, had many failures and obstacles that made it difficult to keep moving forward, but they didn’t let that stop them.  They kept going and stayed persistent.  The ones who are persistent are the ones who achieve everything they set out for.

IMG_7251Haris Reis is one of the most persistent guys that I know.  His persistence is what led to him getting on my podcast show.  We first met in April at the Young Entrepreneur Convention.  He came up to me after I spoke and offered to come on my podcast show.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but then he kept following up with emails.  This went on for 2 months, which finally led to us meeting in New York, then him coming on my show.  In this show you will see how his persistence has got him many places in life, including working alongside Gary Vaynerchuk.

In this podcast show we will talk about:

  •   The businesses Haris started in high school and what he learned from them.
  •   The power of Persistence
  •   Why it’s important to be surrounded with other high energy and successful people with the same mindset (Haris shares how he has managed to associate himself with big names)
  •   How he managed to become an intern for Gary Vaynerchuk
  •   What he has learned from Gary while working for him
  •   How to get better at social media marketing
  •   Haris gives his best advice for any entrepreneur that wants to make it big

I appreciate Haris’s hustle and everything that he is doing.  The kid has some serious grind and we both have much in common.  He is the kind of guy that I want in my inner circle, because we think a like, have huge goals, and can help each other grow as individuals and in business.  I highly suggest you follow Haris and check out everything he has to offer.

Links to follow Haris:



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