Episode 144: Having an Ambitious Week

My week has been very ambitious to say the least.  The last time I felt this kind of grind was the week of Young Entrepreneur Convention.  I’m sleeping less, working nonstop, and doing everything I can to prepare for the kickstarter campaign I launch Monday for Ambitious Adventures.  This is a big project of mine right now, along with many other endeavors I have in the works.  This past weekend was the busiest weekend of the year for my Ice Company Adams’ Ice Service.  I worked back home delivering on the route all weekend, and now I’m sitting here in my hotel room locked down and preparing for what’s to come.

To add to everything I spent an entire day filming today for some big projects I have in the works, while also doing conference calls in between videos.  I have a lot going on, you get the picture.  That’s the ambitious life I live.  I’ve had many ambitious weeks like this where it’s a nonstop grind to make sure I get everything done.  It is a little stressful, and overwhelming, but I’ve always found a way to figure things out and get it all done.

Most people, when faced with situations like mine they just shut down and throw in the towel.  They get overwhelmed and their default thing to do is give up or say it’s not possible to get it all done.  I’m here to tell you that is a bullshit story you are telling yourself.  There is always time! Where there’s a will there’s a way.  The question is, are you willing to handle the pressure and figure out the way to get it all done?

Over the years I have learned to leverage a team that can help you get things done for you while you are working on different projects.  It takes a team to take on Ambitious Projects; especially the TV show we are working on.  Every single week from now until November I will be traveling to different cities across the country to interview other entrepreneurs for ambitious adventures.  Without a team I wouldn’t be able to do all the things that I do, especially be able to do this show.  Also without the support from other young entrepreneurs, we won’t be able to make this show the HUGE success we plan on it being.  That’s why I’m now calling in all favors and getting as many people on board to help with the launch of the kickstarter campaign for ambitious adventures on Monday. With a massive amount of people behind this campaign we are able to not only create a TV show that gets picked up by a big network, we are able to reach millions of young entrepreneurs.  We can inspire them to blaze their own path in their own entrepreneurial endeavor and also do something that they believe in.  Something they love.

Join me and lets create something great and become unforgettable together.  Pledge to the Ambitious Adventures Kickstarter campaign on Monday and support something that is bigger then all of us.

Here is the preview link to campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/803928687/928081357?token=bbab7893

Check it out and let me know what you think.

It’s time to blaze our own path and show this country what we are made of!


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