Episode 145: Building an Empire

Over the past few years I have got my hands into many projects and I’ve always wanted to be the best at what I worked on. Back in 2012 I thought I knew what I wanted. At that time I was motivated to get Arctic Stick to market and also become a millionaire as fast as possible. At that time I thought I could work my way to millionaire status. Work nonstop and eventually it would all fall into place. When your main driver for success is to get the money, then you are doing it all wrong.

During 2012 and 2013 I did many different things including Selling Ice, working as a manager for a corporate company, developing Arctic Stick, and selling real estate. I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted. I thought I wanted to turn Arctic Stick into a 100 Million dollar company. I enjoyed making money and I was always looking for ways to invest. I worked with a company that offered property sourcing and I managed to make a decent amount from that. Money is still important to me but my career has slightly changed. What I found out was that I really liked to help people and make an impact. I also learned that I was very influential, a natural leader, and I motivated people to do things.

It wasn’t until December 31, 2014 (my 25th Birthday) that I had some clarity. I wanted to become the top crowdfunding expert in my field and also the most influential person of my time. At that point I started to put things in place that would get me there. When you have clarity for what you want, you will start to figure out how to get it. I started a podcast show and recorded weekly. From there I wrote a book on crowdfunding. Then I went on TV across the country to talk about crowdfunding. At that point I built up credibility and a name for myself. I went on to build a team and company called Keys to the Crowd.

During this time I was also working with a team to create the vision for Young Entrepreneur Convention . We used my company Keys to the Crowd to help crowdfund the initial funding for event, which led to us gathering more sponsorship, ticket sales, and big name speakers. Shortly after the YEC crowdfunding campaign I launched the Freedom Journal on kickstarter for John Lee Dumas. This led to raising $453,000 in 33 days and creating the 5th largest book launch in crowdfunding history. At that point I started to see the overnight success everyone talked about.

The more things that I did and more leaps of faith I took, the more things fell into place and I started to have a clearer vision of what I wanted. April 22-23 we put on Young Entrepreneur Convention and had huge success. It opened many doors. It resulted to me working directly with Kevin Harrington, and then also teaming up with Greg Rollett to create Ambitious Adventures.

It is now July 7th, 2016. I’ve never been clearer on my vision and the Empire I want to build. Wherever you are at in life, you just need to get started. I didn’t completely know what I wanted back in 2012 but I tried many things, which gave me experience and built my foundation for what I’m doing today. My team and I have the vision of Impacting 1 Billion people by December 31, 2029 (My 40th Birthday). With that clear goal and vision, we now are doing all the steps necessary to reach that goal.

The main driver to reach that goal is creating the TV show Ambitious Adventures.

I am going to be a host of a reality TV show called Ambitious Adventures. We will travel around the country to 10 different cities to film entrepreneurs doing great things in their communities or innovating in ways that are worth sharing.

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Monday, July 11th to raise enough money to fund the first 10 episodes of the first season. We need your help to make it happen.

By filming this show, we will offer a ton of value to you by showing first hand exactly what successful entrepreneurs and small businesses are doing that makes them successful. Every entrepreneur is at a different stage of their business, so there will be different lessons and takeaways from each interview we do that you can learn from!

I encourage you to become a part of our entrepreneurial movement and invest in yourself. By supporting our campaign, you will directly help make this dream a reality. We have a ton of different reward levels, I’m sure there is one that is right up your alley.

Here is a sneak peak of our campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/803928687/928081357?token=bbab7893

I’m doing a special offer on day 1 of launch. For anyone who pledges $75 or more to campaign between 7am EST and Midnight on Monday, I will give them my Crowdfunding Course for Free, which I sell for $497.

Also my partner Greg Rollett has committed to match dollar for dollar on day one for Ambitious credit for his courses at Ambitious.com. If you pledge $10,000 on day 1 he will give you $10,000 worth of courses! This offer is only available on day 1 of campaign. This will not only give you great value but will also help others.

I never thought I would be a host of a Reality TV show for Young Entrepreneurs, but I always knew I would do something great in life. You may not know all the answers now but if you continue to work hard and try different things, you eventually will end up doing something that is your dream come true. At that point you can start to build your empire. That’s exactly what we are doing now. Building an Empire.

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