Episode 147: From Homeless to Successful Videographer

Last year I needed a videographer to create a video for Young Entrepreneur Convention. The video needed to be top-notch quality and also tell the story about YEC and why we were doing it. A video is very powerful when it is done right. My buddies Phillip and Angelo Campos introduced me to Chris Lo of Situasion Films. When I first met Chris last September I could see the passion he had for his work. This is something I always look for when I’m looking to work with someone. If they are passionate about what they do, it will show in their work. At the time, Chris was working as a Freelance Cameraman, doing PR and corporate shoots. I knew he would make a great employee so I decided to offer him a job with me.

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Little did I know, Chris would not only be the videographer for the YEC video, but he would also become one of my business partners with the company. Chris added so much value to the team that he worked himself in as a co-founder. Since then Chris and I have done many films together, including the “Put a Shark in Your Tank” promotional video for Kevin Harrington’s newest book. Together we have created quite a track record with famous videos that have been seen by many.

In this show Chris looks back on his journey of how he got to where he is today. At one time Chris was homeless. He went in and out of jail and job to job. Videography is what changed Chris’s life. He went from filming his first wedding on an iPhone to now working with an Emmy Award winning film Crew to produce an episode in Season 1 of Ambitious Adventures. Chris shares the journey of how he got through the tough times and what he did to master his gift of videography.

In this show we talk about:

  • The turning point in Chris’s life where he went from homeless to starting a videography company.
  • We talk about the films we have created together with YEC and Kevin Harrington.
  • Chris gives his advice on how to create a video that people will remember.
  • How to tell your story with film. It’s more then just the video footage itself. Audio, B-Roll, and timing of every scene is important.
  • Chris gives his advice to anyone wanting to start their own videography company

It’s been an honor to work with Chris and see him develop in his work. He is passionate about what he does and it shows in his work. I highly suggest him to anyone. Chris creates a lot of my videos for everything that I do, and we will continue to tell our stories through video.

If you want to check out some of our work and other work he has done for other people, you should join us at his film party on August 5th at Cabaret West Glen from 8-10pm. The first 100 people that come will get free drinks and food on Chris.

If you are looking to work with Chris be sure to connect with him on Facebook or on his website at http://situasianfilms.com/

Chris will be working with us for the Des Moines Episode on Season 1 of Ambitious Adventures.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our kickstarter campaign at www.ambitious.com/adventures. Be the first to get access to the entire first season for just $10.

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