Episode 150: Your Network is Your Net Worth

You are the average of the five people you hang out with and also I would say that your net worth should eventually become the average of those people. If you want to become a billionaire then hang out with billionaires.  The question is how do you build up a network?  I’m talking about a network that has many influential people in it that are just a phone call away from making something happen for you.

If you establish a powerhouse network you will literally become a phone call away from anyone you want to get in touch with.

Over the past few years I have built up a network that is just a phone call away from anyone.  I’ve put in a lot of time adding value to others and building lasting relationships with others.  You need to keep in touch with others and be willing to help them whenever they call on you.  The more you help others the more you will get help in return.  I value the relationships that I do have and continue to make more everyday.  I enjoy speaking with others and learning from others that have the same mindset as me.  In a good conversation you will gain great insight and see things from different perspectives.  In any kind of relationship whether it’s business, a friendship, significant other, you should always be making each other better and adding value.  If both sides aren’t adding massive value then you should probably rethink that relationship.

With time you will build up a strong network that will allow you to reach goals much faster and get things done easier then ever.  A network of billionaires, celebrities, and very influential people doesn’t happen over night.  It takes time.  Continue to maintain your current relationships while creating others, and add value to them.  Eventually your network will become a very high net worth.  Your network is your net worth!

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