Episode 151: Building Lasting Relationships in Business with Matt Ruedlinger

In my recent podcast I spoke about building lasting relationships and building a powerful network.  You need to add a massive amount of value to others and always be giving.  This goes with marketing as well.  The more valuable and free content you give out the more trust you will build with an audience.  Not only will you build trust but also you will become an authority in your field.  Those people that trust you will eventually need your services and eventually will buy from you.

Some people are afraid that if you give out too much free quality content then people won’t need your services, they will just do it themselves.  The truth is many people are busy and usually won’t want to do it themselves, they will want an expert.  If they consume your valuable content, and need your services, they will eventually call you.  You can learn more about this philosophy in the book by Jay Baer called Youtility.

In today’s show you will hear from Matt Ruedlinger of Triple R Marketing, who goes into depth about adding value, giving out free quality content, and also how to building lasting relationships.   He even talks about how he acquired a Caramel Company, just so he could send out caramels to his clients on their birthday (Yes this is no Joke).

In this show we talk about:

  • How to build lasting relationships in business
  • Matt gives his best marketing advice
  • You will hear why Matt bought a Caramel business
  • How Matt has been doing events for the past 11 years.  You will learn how to create an event, get people to attend, how to monetize off of it, and also how to turn attendees into regular clients.

Having a good relationship with your customers is key in business.  It’s the little things that matter most to them, like sending them some Caramels on their birthday.  If you do decide to send caramels to your clients, be sure to contact Matt’s company at https://joanscaramels.com/

If you are looking to attend Matt’s Launch Program then check out this video giving you more information:


If you want to learn about Matt’s Marketing Services then check out his website at https://triplermarketing.com/

Life is about building lasting relationships and always adding value to others.  The more people you can help, the more success you will have in life.  My team and I with Ambitious Adventures intend to help many people with our new Reality TV show.  If you haven’t checked out our kickstarter yet, be sure to check it out at www.ambitious.com/adventures.

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