Episode 152: Pushing Beyond Your Limits

Are you pushing beyond what you think is possible every single day in every aspect of your life?  As the Great Tony Robbins says, in order to be happy and fulfilled we must grow.  We must get better in all aspects of our life.  The more you push yourself the more success you will have and the more fulfilled you will feel.  Sadly most people don’t reach their full potential.

Every single day I work to get better and strive to push beyond my limits in my work, at the gym, mentally, and in my relationships.  I do things that scare me, because if something scares me that means I’m going to get better and build up my tolerance to do greater things.

When I was 20 years old I really dedicated my time in the gym.  I lifted twice a day and worked out with 2 other guys that pushed me on every set.  Over time I continued to increase my weight and reps and put my body through temporary pain.  I did things that my body tried to tell me wasn’t possible, but my mind told me it was. All heavy lifters know that doing your max reps and weight comes down to your mental belief that you can do it.  At this time I weighed 225 pounds and was jacked out of my mind.  I was benching 375 pounds and squatting 500.  This was a time in my life where I really found out what my body was capable of and that if you push beyond what you think is possible you will have great results.

I now weigh 180 pounds and work out daily, but with no intention to become a body builder again.  Pushing yourself in the gym should be no different then any other area of your life.  You should push yourself to become better financially, mentally, at your work, and in your relationships.  When you grow in every area of your life you will be fulfilled and happier then ever.

This is why I push people to become better.  I ask them to do things that they think are impossible, but I know are possible.  Everyone needs someone to coach them and push them beyond their limits.  If you want to build a legacy and become the most successful in your area of your work then you will have to make sacrifices and push beyond your limited beliefs.

Pushing beyond your limits means you are setting the bar for bigger goals.  Keep setting that bar until the day you die.  #GrindOn

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