Episode 153: Best Marketing Tips

I’ve learned a lot of marketing tips during my various crowdfunding campaigns, promoting events, companies, or any other ventures I have done. One of the best tips that I learned was that a marketing agency should be able to do everything within the field. This is why you should learn How To Create a advertising agency (Whitehat) that will take care of all your marketing needs in a versatile fashion. I’ve never really seen myself as a marketing expert until one day someone said, “I know you are great at marketing, sometime I would like to pick your brain on your best tips”. You can use tools such as ppc tools for marketing which is a great help, however, daily I’m marketing but I don’t even really know it. It’s come natural. You don’t just know things straight away. When it comes to something like marketing, doing research into sites like https://www.salesforce.com/solutions/small-business-solutions/integrations/mailchimp-crm-integration/ can help you understand this whole process easily and how technology and businesses work together.

A few years back I did take a graduate marketing class at ISU in hopes to learn a little more about launching products. At this time I was getting ready to launch my own product Arctic Stick on the market. I think I had paid $1,500 for the class. I had no intention on getting my masters, nor did I care if I got a passing grade, I just wanted to learn what I could during the class. I even made this clear to the professor going into it. I clearly told him, I’m paying for the class to take what I want out of it and really didn’t care so much about the grade. I ended up missing a few classes and bombing my tests. I had never been good at taking exams. My last exam I asked my professor if he even wanted me to take the exam because I didn’t study and knew I was going to bomb it. He insisted I take it. I finished about half of the exam then handed it in. I thought he would fail me, but surprisingly he ended up passing me with a C. My guess is the professor knew I got what I wanted out of the class, and saw where I was going. There were some great points I learned in his class, but there are so many more valuable things I have learned by just doing things on my own. Sending out emails, doing Facebook posts, going on podcast show, snapchatting, and trying random things to get peoples attention. I’ve seen what works and what don’t work. Over time things change, but as of now I know what’s working, at least for me.

Best Marking Tips

  • Snapchat Daily – Yes, you need to get on snapchat. It’s like having your own reality TV show. Add me at btadams18 and you will know what I’m talking about. I will snap every moment of my day but also will give advice on business and show the things that I do in business daily. I’m building trust with people and they see what I have to offer. When the time comes they eventually will need my services. Snapchat is also a way to direct people to other websites, pages, or anything you want them to check out.
  • Facebook Live – I love Facebook live! When I go live it lets all of my friends and followers know I’m live. The videos I record let others know about what’s going on in my life and they see what I have to offer. After I’m finished with recording it stays on my page for others to check out. Every single time after getting off a Facebook live it has led to a sale, or an introduction that leads to something bigger.
  • Podcasting – Podcasting has become my life. Lately I have been sharing a lot of my life experiences, struggles, successes, and everything I do in my businesses. I think giving my audience the real stuff is what they want. I don’t sugar coat it. By sharing all of this valuable content and advice I’m gaining trust and they eventually come to me for my services. I’m also building authority in my field, while also building up my SEO for all of my websites.
  • Instagram – I post to instagram daily and I see some attraction, but not as much as Facebook. They recently came out with Instagram stories, which is basically snapchat on instagram. I do it because I want to ensure I’m active on every outlet possible, so I can reach the most people. The verdict isn’t out yet on my ROI for this platform.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing still has been very effective for me when marketing. I do weekly email blasts out to my lists, but the most effective email marketing is sending out 1 personal email at a time. It may take you longer to do, but it will have the highest results. People like it when you take the time to talk just with them, instead of being just another email in their inbox.

If you follow these marketing tips, I’m confident you will see results just like I am in my businesses. You need to be posting daily content and staying in the minds of your audience, otherwise someone else will get into their minds, and they will be the ones getting the sale.

I don’t have a marketing degree but I feel I have earned my own. I did see my old marketing professor again a few years later. I was the keynote speaker for the ISU College of business. It was quite an honor and privilege, especially since the dean spoke right before me. While giving my keynote I looked in the crowd and saw my old professor and just smiled. It goes to show you don’t need to get the best grade in school to become the most successful in life. At least not for me.

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