Episode 154: Don’t Stop at NO!

I hear the word NO daily but I don’t let it stop me.  As an entrepreneur you are going to hear no a lot.  Not everyone is going to want to buy your product or want to help you with what you are doing.  They may not believe in you or your idea.  That’s all right, not everyone will.  That just means they were not supposed to be apart of your journey.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  The greatest salesmen have heard no the most, that’s because they don’t stop at no, they keep going until they get a yes.  It’s a numbers game.  The more times you ask for something the more yes’s and no’s you will get.  The people that throw the most darts eventually get a bullseye.

I’ve heard many no’s lately and have had people that have made my work much harder.  And some people have just plain pissed me off.  I use the no’s as fuel and energy to prove them wrong and find the next yes.  It only takes one yes to have your life changed forever.

I would much rather get a yes from someone that is all in on my venture and journey, then someone that is undecided on no or yes.  Successful companies are built from people that are all in and do whatever it takes to reach their end goal.  No is not an option.  Failure is not an option.  Those kinds of teams are the ones that go far in life.

If you want to go far, get use to hearing the word no, and work until you find the right people who say yes.

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