Episode 155: Make What Sells With Michael Devlin

Michael and I met back at a ZOIQ event earlier this year in Clearwater, FL.  He spoke about selling on Amazon, then the next day I sat in a room with him, Forbes Riley, Lori Taylor, and a handful of other experts.  I felt like I was in a mastermind that you would hear of in Napoleon Hill’s dreams.  It was insane how much knowledge and energy was in the room.  Michael showed us his knowledge and system for Amazon and it blew us all away.  He had created something that could easily generate billions of dollars in revenue.  In my mind he was a genius.  At that time I saw all the success but I hadn’t seen his struggles that all entrepreneurs face.

Michael has seen the rollercoaster life of an entrepreneur.  He has went from Bentley to Bus Ticket and Bus Ticket to Amazon Best Seller all within 36 months.  He has sold millions of dollars of product online and even has sold a patent for his shaker bottle for 7 figures. 

His story is one that everyone should hear.  Everyone hears about all the successes, but today Michael shares both success and failure.  His willingness to never give up has led him to becoming one of the top sellers on amazon today who has a system that teaches others how to make millions selling on Amazon.

Topics we discuss

  • How Michael built up a tanning salon chain during his early 20s
  • His ups and downs in his supplement business and how his company got acquired
  • How Michael invented a shaker bottle that he ended up selling millions of dollars worth, and eventually went on to sell the patent for 7 figures.
  • We talk about how to have success selling on Amazon
  • Michael shares how he helped a client go from selling $4,000 a month on Amazon to selling $170,000 per month.

Michael has certainly seen the ups and downs as an entrepreneur.  He has went from Bentley to Bus Ticket, and back to Bentley.  If you never give up, you will see success.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Learn more about Michael and his services at https://www.massconversions.com/.

If you want access to Michael’s course that will teach you how to have success on amazon then send me an email at Brandon@BrandonTAdams.com.

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