Episode 156: The Ambitious Adventures Film Experience

The past 5 days have been crazy to say the least.  As I sit on this airplane writing this while on my way back to Des Moines, I’m looking back on all the hard work Greg and I and the rest of the team put in to film episode 1 of Ambitious Adventures.  Most people look at actors and movie stars and probably think it’s an easy life to be on camera and film, but the truth is that it can be very exhausting.  When you are on camera all day, you need to stay excited and energized throughout the entire time.  Your energy at 9am needs to be at the same level when you film at 9pm that same day.

Last Thursday I picked up Greg and the film crew around midnight and we went to bed by 1:30am.  We woke up at 5am to film and got done at 11pm.  Saturday we filmed from 4am until 11pm that night.  Sunday we filmed for a few hours before our flight then we got on a plane to New Jersey.  Yesterday we spent an entire day in New Jersey consulting with a business and now today we are on a plane back home.  We got a lot done in the past 5 days.  Our film experience was pretty awesome, and some of it had some unexpected obstacles.  The first day we had to delay our first scene due to rain.  Saturday it was so hot that one of our videographers (Chris Lo) got heat exhaustion and we had to pay someone to drive him back to the truck on their gator.  One of the scenes with Tres Mentes Salsa I had the brilliant idea to eat an entire Jalapeno pepper, which turned out to be hotter than I planned.  Needless to say you will see me on TV crying from the hotness and my face will look like a red-hot chili pepper.  There were many unexpected scenes that turned out really good, and we got more publicity than we planned.  Saturday we got an entire feature of Ambitious Adventures by KCCI, which aired on the 9pm and 10pm news.  I snapchatted 150 times over a 2 day span and 4 of my snaps made the Iowa State Fair story, which totaled over 30,000 views in just 24 hours. While we filmed we even had people follow us around and film us and ask to take pictures with us.

Our first episode for Ambitious Adventures was a huge success, and we can’t wait until our next episode in Los Angeles, which we will film September 19-22.  While filming Des Moines I really went down memory lane and thought about my humble beginnings.  The entrepreneurs we featured talked about how they got started and the journey they have been on to get to where they are today.  We even filmed my old stomping grounds in Ames, IA and got an on camera interview with my old professor Kevin Kimle, who taught the class where I developed Arctic Stick.  

All of this has made me realize how great the journey has been for me and how anything is possible if you set your mind to it.  Every entrepreneur we interviewed had the same things in common.  They had an idea, and they went with it even though all odds were against them and everyone told them not to.  They didn’t do it for the money but they pursued their businesses because they saw a need in the market and wanted to fulfill it.  They wanted to solve a problem and most of all, they had a passion and vision for what they were doing.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure you love what you are doing in life, whether that’s making salsa, running a online men’s retail outlet, or building dehydrators that help reduce post harvest waste in 3rd world country’s. If you love what you do and believe in it, you are bound to have success.  Embrace your story, because your story is the most important part.  Your story is what will inspire and motivate others to go after their own dreams.  That’s exactly what we are doing with our TV show Ambitious Adventures.

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