Episode 157: Marketing Tips and Tricks with Jay Baer

Over the years I have gained much experience marketing for my various companies that I own, events that I have promoted, products I have brought to market, and crowdfunding campaigns I have launched. I’ve promoted on TV, Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook, and most recently I have been spending a lot of time on snapchat.

I’ve been introduced to many marketing materials and books on marketing, but my favorite marketing book by far is Youtility by Jay Baer. I liked this book so much I promoted it on the Saturday Morning Meeting show in Arkansas a little over a year ago.

Finally, I’ve been able to get Jay Baer on my show and share his Tips and Tricks of Marketing.

Topics we go over

  • Jay shares his first entrepreneurial endeavor of selling fake IDs in college
  • Tips and Tricks of Marketing
  • Snapchat vs Instagram stories
  • Where Jay sees Twitter going in the future
  • Jay gives his favorite marketing platform and why
  • How finding an agency that specialises in one niche is more likely to drive results
  • The future of Podcasting
    • And why Joe Rogan is part of the issue
  • We discuss Jay’s book Youtility and how he made it a New York Times Best Seller
    • And where to buy it
  • Jay’s top tips for young entrepreneurs
  • Why you should learn to say NO when you first get started
  • You need to be consistent with marketing- Jay had 312 podcasts go out last year and 600 blog posts.
    • As wel as techniques you can use to do the same

Jay’s Secret Marketing Trick

When marketing a product you need to ask yourself why does this matter? Always ask yourself why does it matter and keep asking that question over and over again until you get at the core of what you are really selling, which is never what you think your are selling.

Connect with Jay

Learn more about Jay’s case study on his book launch here: www.Slideshare.net/jaybaer

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