Episode 158: Don’t Be a Fake Entrepreneur

There are plenty of Entrepreneurs out there that are fake and full of shit.  I’m talking about the people that want to be your coach and teach you how to do something when they haven’t even done it themselves.  What really gets me going is when you see people posting pictures of them in front of cars, in big mansions, or pictures of 100 dollar bills on the table and share with you how successful they are and tell you to keep working to live the dream.  News Flash, true entrepreneurs don’t waste their time taking stupid pictures like that.  I bet you will never see Gary V or Lewis Howes taking a picture with cash lying on a table or with a bunch of woman around them.

The one person who I know takes a lot of pictures and shares his life to the world on snapchat (even more then me believe it or not) is Tai Lopez.  I’ve met Tai, did a 2.5-hour webinar at his house, and even had his chef who was Will Smith’s chef for a while, make me a gourmet meal.  Tai shows the cars, the girls, and the luxurious things, but Tai has worked his ass off and earned his money.  He’s the real deal.

I understand the whole fake it until you make it, but there is a line between perception of your view and where you are going, and just completely lying to people and filling them full of complete shit.  There are many ways to make money in this world.  Some are honest and some are not so honest.  I’m going to make it to the top and do it the right way. How do you plan to get there?

I suggest you make it to the top doing it the right way. If not, you may regret it one day and wish you would’ve.  #GrindOn

PS I drive a F150 pickup, own a house and apartment, have some timberland to hunt on, and recently bought myself a guitar. I’m content with that.  I don’t need a fancy car and woman in a picture with me to show you I’m an Entrepreneur.

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