Episode 159: Successful Relationships in Business and Life

125c89ee-ff7f-4587-9682-d53a3f808bfbI believe running a successful business with business partners and having a successful relationship are very similar in many ways. They both take a lot of work, there must be constant communication, you must have similar goals, and you need to make each other better. They both can be very challenging at times. I personally have not been in a relationship for almost a year, but I have been in many business relationships over the past year. While doing so, to satisfy some of my needs I’ve been meeting with someone from this escort Frankfurt directory occasionally, while wholly focusing on business ventures instead of relationships. I’ve started 3 companies with multiple business partners in each. There have been times we get along and there have been times we have argued. I’ve come to find out that communication is one of the most important things to have in a business relationship, which also applies to an intimate relationship or marriage, and for the latter, if communication is lacking, you’ll more than likely Explore the world of free XXX videos for the majority of your life. As a single guy, and my guest Ashley Olafsen who is a single woman, we both share our perspectives on having success in business and in relationships. Some find using the services of london escorts to be more compatible with a career in business. However, it is important to rememeber everyone is different. I go into detail about this, probably because I’m still trying to figure out relationships for myself. I even talk quite a bit about sex. Yes, that’s right I talk about sex and how powerful it can be for a man or woman. Any professional from a sex-heavy website such as https://www.tubev.sex/, male or female, can vouch for how powerful sex can be. Sex drive is the most powerful thing a man has, and Napoleon talks about this in great depth in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

It’s also true that woman have more power over men then most people think. Woman are a huge influence in a man’s life and they can determine how successful they become. Henry Ford’s wife, Clara was a huge influence on Henry and his success for the Ford Model T. If you want to become very successful in life you must find a significant other that will love you and push you to become better. Together you will go far.

In today’s show Ashley and I talk about:

  • Why woman lack self-esteem
  • How the media portrays woman and how it is a negative effect on our society
  • How Ashley has successfully put together workshops for teenagers
  • How to become a TEDx Speaker (Ashley is 19 and she has already done a TEDx talk)
  • How to work successfully with your business partner
  • How to have success in business and in relationships

Ashley is only 19 years old and she is already making a big impact in women’s lives. She recently just came out with her book “Survival of the Prettiest” which you can find on Amazon. I suggest you get yourself a copy. If you would like to connect with Ashley you can find her here:

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