Episode 160: Entrepreneur Truth Talk

They say that alcohol brings the truth out in people, so I decided to put that to the test. This past weekend I made a short 2-day trip to downtown Minneapolis, MN and on the drive there I listened to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I was on the chapter talking about sex transmutation and also how alcohol and narcotics can stimulate your brain in a way to come up with some creative ideas. Most people use drugs and alcohol for many other ways, and it even goes to the extent of some individuals using the best fake id websites just so they don’t miss out on any of these opportunities to enhance their creativeness (as well as other things). With that being said, I wanted to put the alcohol to the test to see what creative ideas I could come up with.

While recording the podcast show after my third vodka 7up, I got a little looser then I’m used to. I mean, I’m always open to speaking my mind but this time I really opened up on what my thoughts are on certain topics. This was probably one of my best Tuesday shows yet.

I may offend some people, I may piss them off, but one thing is for sure, the words I spoke needed to be heard by others so I can get them off their rockers and get their ass to work.

I think we all need that every once in a while. Some of us make up limiting beliefs in our mind that stop us from achieving our full potential.

We may think that we aren’t worthy enough of success or we have things in our life that we think are the reason we cant reach our full potential. That’s all a bunch of bullshit and excuses. Anything is possible in this life, all you have to do is go after it. Stop feeding your mind full of bullshit, and get off your ass and go achieve your dreams. What are you waiting for?

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