Episode 162: How Are You Spending Your Time and Money?

After interviewing and working with many millionaires and even billionaires I’ve found they all have one thing in common. They all invest their time and money very wisely. We all start off with the basics, we all look for the best credit card for no credit to kick-start our financial history, we all make investments into schemes we think will make money, and we run our businesses with profit in mind – but clearly the people I have interviewed knew exactly how to spend their time and money. So do many people who trade with forex bankers, this is why people learn from IQ Option Trading to improve their understanding of market shares. They are very protective of their time and they make smart decisions with every penny that they spend. When investing money they want to make sure their investment gives them a great return in the fastest amount of time. Find out more about investing with Loanpad if you are interested, as it is not just the rich and famous who can do this.
Time is the most valuable asset because some day our time will run out. The time clock will hit zero.

Keeping this in mind has completely changed the way I think and how I make decisions in my life. I always keep in mind what I want to achieve in this lifetime and how I want my story to play out. Someday when I’m old I want to be able to look back and have no regrets and know I did everything I wanted to do in this lifetime.

My big goal by 40 is to inspire 1 billion people on earth, and also become a billionaire. The more money I’m able to make the more people I’m able to help. This is always in my mind when it comes to making buying decisions. I recently went to the car dealership to look at buying a brand new F150 Lariat truck. Leather seats, great sound system, has crazy horse power, and it’s sexy to say the least. I want it bad, but it retails at $53,000. That’s a lot of money for a truck, especially something that won’t make me money. There are many who might not be able to purchase that vehicle outright and will have to apply for credit to afford it – see here for your free credit report online at Lending Expert. When I think about how much that truck costs I think about how I could spend that money elsewhere building my business and making a larger impact on others lives. I have my big goal in mind of impacting 1 billion people. I think about how I could invest that money into Facebook ads to reach more people or creating more content.

When you have big goals in mind and have a dream for what you want your life to look like, you start to invest your time and money more wisely. The moral of the story is to make those big goals and state them to the world. Make them very vivid in your mind. Once you do that, notice how much it changes the way you think. Notice how you change your spending habits. Notice how much you start limiting yourself from giving out your time freely. Invest your time and money wisely and you will become rich in every aspect of your life. I know I am.

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