Episode 163: Conceive, Believe, Achieve

Whatever the mind conceives and believes the mind achieves.  That is a quote by Napoleon Hill that I have lived by ever since I read the book “Think and Grow Rich” back in 2011. The principles that are stated in that book are what I have lived by the past 5 years.  Mindset is everything when it comes to achieving your biggest goals. You first have to believe in yourself before you can get others to believe in you.  Once you can influence others you can build teams that create awesome things.

Beyond mindset it’s surrounding yourself with others that are positive and have the same mindset of achieving big things in life.  You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. That’s why I like to be the dumbest guy in the room and associate with people much smarter then me.  If you want to become a millionaire, surround yourself with millionaires.  I continue to build my mastermind group of experts who are doing big things and want to make an impact in this world.  When you can work in perfect harmony with a common goal in mind, there isn’t anything you can’t achieve.

This biggest thing that I have done, which have attracted big opportunities to me has been stating out loud where I want to go and the goals I want to achieve.  When you state your goal out loud you start to be more confident that you will achieve them, you convince your mind that you can do it, and in return you convince others that they can be achieved.  This creates a domino effect that gets you closer to your end goal.  It only takes 1 right person to hear your goals and help you achieve them. This is exactly why I state my goals out loud.

When you are consistent with your message and tell the world where you want to go, eventually you will get there.  That’s how I’ve got to all my destinations and achieved all the successes that I have.

This month will mark the biggest month of achievement for me in my entire life. I thank it all to the principles of “Think and Grow Rich.”

Whatever the mind conceives and believes the mind achieves.  I’ve been achieving my minds intended goals ever since I believed in that quote.

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