Episode 165: Building the Fastest Growing Company in Colorado

Stephen Christopher is the founder of Seequs Marketing Technologies, a web-marketing firm designed to help business owners achieve results they never thought possible.  Before starting Seequs, Stephen started and ran several other award winning businesses.  One of which was a mortgage company from 2004 – 2008.  With the crash of the mortgage industry in 2008, he learned what its like to go from profitable to over $100,000 in debt overnight.

From this failure he learned more about business than any school or program could ever teach.  That’s exactly what you are going to learn from him today.

In this show we discuss:

  • How Stephen overcame his obstacle of going $100,000 in debt overnight
  • How to create one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado
  • What Stephen has learned in his rollercoaster journey of an entrepreneur
  • How personal development changed his life and how he thought in business
  • How to create a business from scratch
  • How to get more leads that turn into sales
  • How to create a website that converts to sales

Stephen has been through many obstacles on his journey and is proof that success will come if you keep going.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Check out his websites at:

Connect with Stephen at Stephen@seequs.com

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