Episode 166: Filming Stars in Hollywood

Over the past few days I have interviewed some well-known entrepreneurs such as Jake Paul of Team Ten, Lewis Howes of the School of Greatness, and Carlo Alberto Orecchia the host of All The Pizza on Tastemade.  They all have become very successful around their own personal brand and have built a following in the hundreds of thousands and even millions.  What fascinated me the most about these 3 is they all had the same things in common.  It’s as if they all spoke the same language and went to the same school.

I believe this goes for all successful people.  What’s their secret?  It’s quite simple and we all have the same opportunity that they were given.  Here it is:

  1. Love what you do
  2. Stand out from the crowd with your own brand and be different
  3. Do whatever it takes to become successful and don’t give up until you achieve it

That’s all!  Quite simple.  It’s what I have done to build my own brand and it’s exactly what you can do.

If you love what you do you are willing to put in the extra hours and go the extra mile.

If you are different and show that to everyone else then people will attract to you and you will become very valuable in your own way.

When you do whatever it takes and don’t stop until you get what you want, there is no beating you.  You are bound to win.

If you want to become your own star then follow these simple steps.  I did and now I’m the star of my own TV show Ambitious Adventures.  What will you be the star of?

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