Episode 169: Networking With Billionaires

Matt Handshakin Holmes is known for having the world record for the longest handshake.  He also spends about 30% of his time networking to build up his relationships with influential people and become more known.

He’s even been able to network and interview a few billionaires for his own show.  Some of his best interviews have been with Jeff Hoffman, Kimbal Musk, and John Paul DeJoria.  Matt shares with us their best advice.

In this show we discuss

  • Matt’s early days of selling real estate
  • Building up his own video series
  • What he has learned from the billionaires he has interviewed
  • How much you should really be networking
  • How to make your brand stand out and be noticed

Main takeaways from the Billionaires he has interviewed:

Jeff Hoffman – Text 10 of your friends and ask them one word that describes you.

Kimbal Musk – His biggest mistake in life he has made was when he was going after the money.  When you do the things you love, the money will come.

John Paul DeJoria – Help as many people as possible, even that person you see on the side of the road.  When you help more people, you will see a big change in your life.

Matt’s Quote’s

  • “If it’s not going to put me in the hospital, cemetery, or jail then I’m going to try it”
  • “Put yourself out there”

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